October 22, 2018 03:45

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Woman attempts to smuggle cocaine through Frankfurt customs in breast implants

15:50 | 10/07/2017

Customs agents in Germany randomly chose a young woman from among an airport crowd for a closer inspection. Then she started complaining about a pain in her breasts ...

woman attempts to smuggle cocaine through frankfurt customs in breast implants
A Columbian woman has been arrested in Germany for attempting to smuggle $500,000 worth cocaine via breast implants.Source:ThinkStock

The busty traveller from Colombia was being subjected to a random check at the Frankfurt airport.

But, as agents took the 24-year-old woman aside, she began to grimace. Then she double-over in pain, clutching her breasts.

Curious customs agents were surprised when they saw she had swollen fresh scars from a very recent operation. The sutures had been very poorly applied.

They became suspicious.

In increasing agony, the 24-year old soon revealed all.

She knew she’d been busted.

She admitted her excessive implants were actually bags of cocaine.

The woman was taken into custody, and transferred to a nearby hospital.

They removed two 500 gram blocks of cocaine — wrapped in plastic — from her breasts.

The up-front street value of her internal cargo was estimated at $A500,000.

“This is the first case in Germany in which drugs have been smuggled in this fashion,” customs spokesman Hans-Juergen Schmidt told reporters.

The poor quality of her breast surgery showed the “completely indifferent to human life and the life-threatening conditions of their drug carriers,” he said.