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Why does the Ministry of Transport propose to assign ACV to build T3?

14:36 | 09/04/2019

VCN - Regarding the proposal of the Ministry of Transport to assign Vietnam Airport Corporation (ACV) to build T3 at Tan Son Nhat Airport, at a regular Government press conference in March 2019, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong said that the proposal was based on consideration of the factors involved.

why does the ministry of transport propose to assign acv to build t3 terminal Airport enterprises need to coordinate for implementing Aviation Single Window
why does the ministry of transport propose to assign acv to build t3 terminal ACV prepares for colossal divestment
why does the ministry of transport propose to assign acv to build t3 terminal
The proposal is based on consideration of the factors involved. Photo: Internet

Dong said the Ministry of Transport consulted French consultancy companies and Vietnamese Consultancy companies on the adjustment of planning of Tan Son Nhat Airport. The Ministry reported to the competent authorities. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister directed a number of meetings and asserted that the proposal of the French companies and the approved plan are basically the same in functional areas, infrastructure and scale. Neither propose building a third runway but building domestic and international terminals to ensure more capacity to meet the needs of passenger transport, and building aviation service facilities.

The functional areas are similar and only differ in land. In general, the French consultancy mentions a lot about the issue of land ownership and accessibility to the land. In fact, the land in the construction area of ​​T3 terminal as well as land in the southern area are related to Army units and factories which are unable to relocate. All aspects had been reviewed by involved ministries and sectors, especially the Ministry of Defence, the Government and the Government Inspectorate before making plans for submission to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for approval.

Regarding the unit in charge of providing T3, on March 26, the Ministry of Transport issued a document to direct and analyse many options such as proposing to use ACV's capital to build, or use State budget, or ACV in coordination with other units to invest in PPP form.

“However, we still propose to assign ACV to build the terminal after considering the factors involved. Firstly, the Prime Minister is now assigning ACV to operate 21 airports across the country, not just this airport. In fact, many recently built terminals have been financed by ACV. Therefore, ACV is a unit which are professional and experienced in investment management”, Dong analysed.

Furthermore, the international law stipulates one airport is exploited by one operator. This is very important because even if there is an additional terminal, there must be one focal point, rather than one airport with 2-3 runways exploited by different operators. And the investment can be diversified: financial investment, associated investment and so on.

Not all 21 airports are profitable, in recent years, only Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Cam Ranh and Phu Quoc are profitable. Airports such as Dien Bien and Ca Mau and others are suffering losses. They have to regulate the transfer of profits to losses to ensure the general operation of airports.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong also confirmed that the Ministry of Transport has considered and proposed to assign ACV to build T3, which will facilitate starting the project quickly because the management of ACV have already planned a pre-feasibility study to build the terminal. The construction as well as bidding will be implemented in timely manner, therefore we propose on assigning ACV to invest in providing T3.

why does the ministry of transport propose to assign acv to build t3 terminal Aviation NSW at Tan Son Nhat Airport will be implemented

VCN - Following the Noi Bai International Airport, the Aviation National Single Window at Tan Son Nhat International ...

FLC Group recently sent a proposal to the Ministry of Transport to build T3. In the case of more than one investor, the Ministry of Transport will have to organize competitive bidding. The Ministry of Transport will gather comments and work with Government agencies as well as the State Capital Management Committee of enterprises to select investors as soon as possible in accordance with the law.

By Xuan Thao/ Huyen Trang