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Why are ivory smuggling suspended?

18:19 | 27/11/2017

VCN- The investigation Police – Police of Ho Chi Minh City has issued a decision to suspend the investigation of four cases of ivory smuggling at Cat Lai port detected by the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City and prosecuted. Thus, after nearly a year of prosecution and investigations, the large-scale ivory smuggling almost went into the "dead”

why are ivory smuggling suspended
Illegal smuggled ivory captured by Customs at the port of Cat Lai at the end of 2016. Photo: Thu Hoa


No offender identified

according to the HCM City Customs Department, the eight cases of illegal ivory smuggling, of nearly 7.5 tonnes, were discovered by Customs at the port of Cat Lai in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The smuggling Criminals were also prosecuted by customs department and the file was transferred to the police investigation agency, Ho Chi Minh City police to handle the investigation under the authority. However, recently, the agency has decided to suspend the investigation of 4/8 ivory smuggling. Thus, after nearly a year of prosecution and investigations, the ivory smuggling almost came to a dead end.

According to the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City, the smuggling cases were suspended investigation include: "smuggling" case nearly 1 ton ivory through the use of legal entity is Dieu Tien Trading Company Limited by Doan Vuong Tuyet Mai who was named director, was detected by the customs office on 26/10/2016; The second, related to Huynh Phat Co., Ltd., Huynh Van Duong, director of Huynh Van Duong, was director of smuggling of 529 kilos of ivory in Africa, was discovered in late November 2016; The third, related to Kim Thanh Import-Export Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., was held by Pham Tien Viet, director of importing 619 kg of ivory, was discovered by the customs office in November 2016. Fourth, related to Tam Phuc Service One Member Limited Company, by Nguyen Van Get as director. The company smuggled nearly half a ton of ivory, was discovered and arrested in December 2016.

The ivory trafficking cases above occurred in Cat Lai port, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, with the method of hiding extremely sophisticated so that the smuggling is not discovered by the authorities. That is, the ivory was cut pieces, hid in the middle of hollow logs, poured wax or gypsum inside, then re-assembled as the beginning, looking like a piece of wood. In addition, the smuggling goods were transported through many different countries and constantly changed the port of transit to erase the origin of the shipment. These cases have been the decision of the Customs Sub-Department of Saigon port area 1 to prosecute criminal cases of smuggling and transfer the records to the police investigation agency - Police Ho Chi Minh City. After investigating the case, the Police Investigation Police - Ho Chi Minh City Police said that the limit time for investigating the case has expired and the offender has not been identified. Pursuant to Item 1, Article 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Investigation Police Police - Ho Chi Minh City Police has issued a decision to suspend the investigation of the case in accordance with the law. When there are grounds to restore investigation and handling according to regulations.

Use legal entity "anonymity" to smuggle

According to Chi Minh City Customs Department, one of the reasons that investigators have not found the offender, the smugglers have used legal entities of the "ghost" to import the batches ivory row. According to the results of the investigation, the initial verification of the 8 illegal ivory imports mentioned above shows that the importing companies are importers of "ghost", director of DN are not real

Specifically, the company just opened the customs declaration, the whole declaration and receipt activities are done through the hiring services of customs procedures. Verified at the business registration address of the enterprise, the customs authorities discovered that most of the business was "ghost". For instance, the case of Dieu Tien Trading & Service Co., Ltd. (66/8 Ta Vi Street, Ward 11, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) smuggled over 2 tons of ivory was discovered in early October 2016. Although it was licensed by the end of 2015, however, at the company's registered address, there is no existence of the company, but it is a small grocery store about 4-5 square meters. In the case of Tam Phuc Co., Ltd (No. 83, Hamlet 2, Thanh Tam Commune, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Province), the importer discovered that it contained nearly half a ton of ivory Late October 1016 also identified as not operating at the registered business address. Notably, through the investigation and verification of the Customs Control Team also discovered, the object of using false identity card to establish this enterprise, using legal entities smuggling goods.

Similarly, Huynh Phat Co., Ltd (27 Le Van Huan Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCM City imported 529 kg of ivory wood in Africa as well as being "ghost" enterprises which do not operate at the registration booth. Kim Thanh Import-Export Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., whose registered address is in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is the name on the customs declaration of importing wood from Africa to Cat Lai Dist. Hidden 619 kg of ivory in the intestines of the wood blocks are also "ghost" company and was prosecuted by Customs in March 2017.

By Le Thu/Bui Diep