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Where Customs - Enterprises coordinate smoothly

08:06 | 06/02/2019

VCN- Ha Tinh in the last days of the year when the Spring Pig is about to knock on the door. Hastily rubbing his hands in the cold, Mr. Dinh Van Hoa, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department boasted: “2018 is a year to bring Ha Tinh Customs much joy because the unit has completed over level of all goals set out. In particular, the most important task - the state budget collection has been implemented and successfully completed by the unit, exceeding the target. One of the reasons leading to such outstanding performance is the companionship of enterprises in import and export activities”. Mr. Dinh Van Hoa added wilfully: "Having the support of businesses we were able to complete all assigned tasks".

where customs enterprises coordinate smoothly Ha Tinh Customs: Implementing many solutions for state budget collection right from the beginning of the year
where customs enterprises coordinate smoothly Ha Tinh drastically prevents smuggling at the end of year
where customs enterprises coordinate smoothly Ha Tinh Customs Department collected revenue exceeding target
where customs enterprises coordinate smoothly
Vung Ang Customs officer exchanged with representatives of enterprises about import and export goods at Vung Ang port. Photo: Hong Nu.

Mr. Dinh Van Hoa is confident: "This afternoon invite reporters to Vung Ang to witness the love of Vung Ang’s Customs - Enterprise."

Our car just arrived at Ky Anh town, zooming into a Vung Ang like a big ship rushing forward. I told the Director of Vung Ang Laos Port Joint Stock Company - Viet Duong The Cuong: "Is the facility decent? Maybe everyone here is assured of work?” Mr. Cuong is happy: “Rest assured, of course, the workplace is good, especially when it receives a lot of support from the Customs authorities in managing and supervising goods at seaports. Vung Ang Customs in particular and Ha Tinh Customs in general always create favorable conditions for businesses to operate. Thereby, creating maximum conditions for port businesses, enterprises with import and export activities to be convenient, fast and smooth transportation of goods”.

When I knew I had the desire to visit and work with the representative of Hung Nghiep Formosa Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Mr. Cao Duc Thang, Deputy Head of Department in charge of the Customs Branch of Vung Ang port border gate personally delivered us. We journeyed in vehicles around the main roads of Ky Loi and Ky Thinh. From the road leading to Formosa, looking from a distance, the cars were rushing up and down; the machines operating in the project at the Iron and Steel Complex and the Son Duong Formosa port spread over a coastal area. . Thousands of engineers, workers and officials are working day and night.

After the handshake, Mr. Thai Chi Phap, Deputy General Director of Hung Nghiep Formosa Iron and Steel Co., told us: "Being able to work with Vung Ang Customs is a happy liaison for our staffs. Because not only is the Customs Department fully supporting the import and export procedures, but the attitude and contact of Ha Tinh Customs in general, Vung Ang Customs in particular is always open, ready to solve obstacles for businesses that makes us feel extremely pleased. We will always stand side by side with Customs, especially with Ha Tinh Customs in compliance with state laws in general and customs laws in particular. We will ensure proper and sufficient tax payment to the State through Ha Tinh Customs for the unit to fulfill its objectives and tasks assigned by superior agencies in 2019”.

With the simultaneous operation of both VNACCS and VCIS and the online public service system, Ha Tinh Customs has shortened the time, minimized costs and created maximum favorable conditions for enterprises to implement customs clearance to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods in the trend of deep integration. In 2018, import and export activities through Ha Tinh Customs had a clear breakthrough with turnover of more than 3,050.4 million USD. The whole Department has collected over 6,073.7 billion VND for the state budget, reached 195.93% of the target assigned by the Ministry of Finance, achieved 102.94% of the additional target assigned by the General Department of Customs and increased 110% compared to 2017. The targets of budget revenue, total import and export turnover, number of declarations, number of enterprises... of the unit in 2018 are all high. Accordingly, in 2018, the unit has carried out customs procedures for 11,027 declarations of 454 enterprises with import and export activities through the locality.

As we boarded the car back to Ha Tinh City, the Deputy Head of the Department in charge of Cao Duc Thang affirmed: "In 2019, we have stated; we will stand side by side with the business to complete all the objectives. In particular, Vung Ang Customs will always actively connect, share difficulties, accompany, to give better support for the business community, especially the dissemination of laws and solve arising problems in the process of implementing customs procedures”.

Before bidding farewell to Ha Tinh, Deputy Director Dinh Van Hoa laughed widely and kept repeating, "We consider the service of import-export enterprises first. They are our target customers so that we can complete our assigned tasks in 2019 and the following years.”

The whole industry is actively reforming the administration and I understand at this important border gate in the central and windy areas, this is more and more appreciated by cadres and servants of Customs.

By Dao Le/ Huu Tuc