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What did the market management report about Asanzo?

14:50 | 09/09/2019

VCN – The General Department of Market Management sent a document to the Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389 to report on the inspection and verification results relating to Asanzo Corporation (HCM City).  

tin nhap 20190908171215
Results of buying components and spare parts of Asanzo. Sketched by: T. Bình

By implementing the direction of the Prime Minister and National Steering Committee 389, the General Department of Market Management assigned the HCM City Market Management to coordinate with HCM City Planning and Investment Department and the HCM City Customs Department to provide information related to Asanzo Company in order to carry out the inspection and verification of information.

There are 38 enterprises on the list of verification of the Market Management force.

As a result of the initial verification, the branch of KDDI Vietnam Company Limited in Ho Chi Minh City with business code 0100971460001 could not search for business information.

Three enterprises whose headquarter addresses were not in ​​Ho Chi Minh City area including POYLINK Co., Ltd., (business code: 3702609278); Asanzo Electronics Technology Investment Joint Stock Company (business code: 1101873316); Lotte Global Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd., (business code: 1100816121).

Market Management force also verified seven enterprises based on the list provided by the Ho Chi Minh City Planning and Investment Department and 23 enterprises based on the list provided by the HCM City Customs Department.

Among these businesses, there were businesses that were no longer operating, some businesses did not generate any transactions to buy Asanzo products and some enterprises operated normally and did not have signs of legal violations.

The General Department of Market Management has established a working group in collaboration with other units to work and verify information at Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company. The working group compiled a report on the list of goods suppliers for Asanzo, the list of goods assembled by the company and the list of Asanzo customers.

Notably, according to the report, Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company has spent a lot of money every year to buy components and spare parts, of those most are related to television products.

In particular, in 2017, Asanzo imported nearly 3 million components and spare parts worth nearly 553 billion VND.

In 2018, Asanzo continued to buy large quantities of television components and spare parts from several companies: Le Son, Le Quang, Gia Bao, Tran Thoan, Truong Thien, Van Anh, Hung Thinh Co., Ltd. , Thach Son, Xop Phuong Nam, Viet Huong Trade, Phuong Nam Packaging, Van Doan Investment, Nhat Van Trade, Nghia Phat, Hong Diem Import and Export, Vietnam Czech Import and Export.

The total imported by Asanzo in 2018 reached more than 4.52 million components and spare parts, with a total value of more than 1,075 billion VND. It increased by 50% in volume and more than 94% in value compared to the previous year.

In 2019, Asanzo purchased 1,022 million components and spare parts with total value of 235 billion VND.

Several businesses importing goods of ASANZO "disappeared".

Regarding the activities of Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company, at the press conference "The fight against fraudulent origin in the customs sector" organized by the General Department of Vietnam Customs which took place on July 19, leader of Post-clearance Audit Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) said: By implementing the directives of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has actively implemented related tasks. In the verification process, the Customs authorities identified 31 import and export enterprises operating import – export activities with Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company.

Of those, three enterprises were no longer operating and one enterprise was prosecuted (Sa Huynh Company).

Therefore, the Customs authority issued 27 decision of post-clearance audit for 27 enterprises. Among 27 enterprises, the Post-Clearance Audit Department directly inspected 13 enterprises and transferred 14 units to the HCM City Customs Department for inspection. The HCM City Customs Department has issued post-clearance audit decisions for 14 companies importing goods and components branded ASANZO.

After issuing 14 post-clearance audit decisions, the Post-Clearance Audit Customs Branch (HCM City Customs Department) sent customs official to the business registration addresses of these above companies to announce inspection decisions in accordance with provisions of law. However, all of these addresses do not have any businesses operating, and were houses, cafes or fake addresses.

Police and local authorities have confirmed to Customs authorities that businesses are not operating at the registered business addresses. Therefore, the Customs authorities cannot carry out the post-clearance audit to clarify whether or not these businesses have committed tax frauds and evasion.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy