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Warning the phenomenon of foreign currency and money transfer crossing border

16:50 | 06/11/2018

VCN - Although Quangninh Customs officers discovered and handled many people hiding money and foreign currency on their bodies when doing immigration procedures, Quangninh Customs force is very concerned and warning about this. Particular attention should be paid to fake customs dossiers for illegally transferring money or foreign currency.

warning the phenomenon of foreign currency and money transfer crossing border Receiving 239 reports of suspicious transactions relating to laundered money
warning the phenomenon of foreign currency and money transfer crossing border Arrested the illegal money over 100 million VND crossing the border
warning the phenomenon of foreign currency and money transfer crossing border
The 170,000 yuan was detained by the Quang Ninh Customs in July 2018.

Since the beginning of the year, the Quangninh Customs force has discovered 3 cases of illegal transportation of money and foreign currency across borders. A large amount of money, foreign currency that objects have hidden in luggage, on their body when they do procedures of exit or entry without declaring customs. There were some people not putting luggage containing money, foreign currency through the screening area, discovered by Customs force. Participants in the illegal transportation of money and foreign currency across borders are both Vietnamese and Chinese. Of which, two cases were discovered by Quang Ninh customs authorities with hundreds of thousands of yuan (RMB) carried by people on exit from Vietnam to China via Mongcai international border gate. From the opposite direction, more than half a billion carried on entry by a person was also discovered.

Typically, on July 4, at the customs inspection area of Mong Cai International Border Gate, a Chinese woman going to China carrying her bag, did not place her bag through the screening area. Being suspicious, the task group of the Mongcai border Gate Customs Sub-Department requested an inspection, but she took the bag and ran back to the Vietnamese side. Through timely control and inspection by the Customs Officers, the woman, Lam Tich Doan, residing in Guangdong (China), was found to have 170,000 yuan wrapped around her body with tape.

Before that, on May 16, at Mongcai international border gate, the task force was composed of the Mongcai border gate Customs Sub-Department and the No. 1 Customs Control Team (Quangninh Customs Department). At the Mongcai international border gate, while they doing their tasks, they found a woman acting suspiciously when she entered from Donghung (China) to Mongcai (Vietnam). At the head office of the Mongcai border gate Customs Sub-Department, the woman named Hoang Ngoc Nga (born in 1978, based in Binhloc, Langson province) voluntarily removed all heretofore hidden objects and placed them on the work desk. Hoang Ngoc Nga conceded that she had hidden three piles of money in denominations of VND 500,000; 17 piles of money, in denominations of VND 200,000 around her sunscreen covered waistband; 8 piles of money, in denominations of VND 100,000 in a plastic bag with black and white pattern; 3 piles of money with face value of 50,000 VND in a dark blue handbag. The total amount is 594 million.

Recently, at the preliminary conference of the third quarter of 2018 Customs sector (held on October 8, 2018), the Director of Quangninh Customs Department Bui Van Khang said that the activities of the participants in illegal currency and money movements tend to increase as Chinese authorities tighten control over the accounts of Vietnamese-Chinese traders on the road. Therefore, the transfer of money through banks meets difficulties, leading to the phenomenon of illegal transportation of money and foreign currency across borders at the border areas. In addition, there are some people with fake customs documents in the customs dossier for the import and export procedures. The phenomenon of fake customs documents to transfer illegal money to foreigners is not exceptional.

"The police of Quang Ninh province are investigating some complex and serious cases. While we are deploying automatic VNACCS/VCIS automatic system, the detection of false records are extremely difficult," said a worried Mr Bui Van Khang.

Mr. Bui Van Khang requested the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department (General Department of Customs) to collect information and cooperate with the Customs Departments of the provinces and cities of Vietnam-China border to fight these new phenomena. Requesting the General Department of Customs to issue a warning to the whole customs branch to work out measures to prevent and fight effectively. In particular, guidance for identifying suspicious signs for civil servants to check records, especially for the declaration of the yellow and red flows, (detailed examination of records ...). Accordingly, the customs office can immediately detect violations in the customs clearance, reducing risks for the Customs authority. At the end of August, Quang Ninh Customs has submitted to the Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee on strengthening the Steering Committee 389 Quang Ninh, and also clearly stated that the number of foreign visitors, especially Chinese visitors using tour packages in Ha Long and Mongcai, has occurred with the emergence of using electronic payment (POS), smart phones, tablets ... to make payments to Chinese tourists when buying in Vietnam. By means of sophisticated tricks, visitors can carry out transactions in Vietnam and take the money back to China, but not through the banking system or payment organization of our country.

warning the phenomenon of foreign currency and money transfer crossing border Warning about illegal transfer of foreign currency by fraudulent import of software

VCN- Through management and review of the implementation of Customs procedures, the Customs has discovered the signs ...

On September 20, Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Long signed a decision on consolidating the 389 Quang Ninh Steering Committee. In particular, the State Bank of Quang Ninh branch is added as a member of the Provincial Steering Committee 389 to manage and minimize violations in banking payment transactions. Especially, this unit is a specialized management agency and have the function of handling violations in monetary and banking transactions.

By Quang Hung/ Quynh Lan