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Vietnamese stock funds draw ROK investment

15:43 | 05/10/2016

Emerging market funds that invest in Vietnamese stocks are growingly in popularity among Republic of Korea (ROK) investors attracted by the lure of earning higher rates of return than they can earn at home.

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Vietnamese stock funds draw ROK investment.

Those funds drew net inflows of 78.3 billion won (US$72.2 million) in September, up from 50 billion won a month earlier, according to KG Zeroin, a fund evaluation firm in the ROK.

With interest rates depressed worldwide, more investors are willing to take a gamble on the hope that riskier investments in Vietnamese stocks may pay off. It’s a little bit like hitting the lottery.

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Vietnam has various advantages, including cheap labour, said Oh On-soo, a researcher at Hyundai Securities. It's one of the nations with potential for growth that could pay huge dividends for investors willing to take the risk.

Source: VOV