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Vietnam is in top for exporting coffee, cashew and pepper in Europe

08:06 | 10/11/2016

VCN – It’s an assertion of Mr. Phil Hogan, European Commissioner in Agricultural and Rural development at the press conference held by Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam in HCMC.

vietnam is in top for exporting coffee cashew and pepper in europe
Mr. Phil Hogan make a statement at the conference. Photo: N.H

The press conference was held within the framework of Mr. Hogan’s visit to Vietnam with the delegation of agricultural business and foods of the European Union. Also, this activity is aimed at promoting links between the EU and Vietnam in the field of agricultural trade, food, based on the foundation of a free trade agreement of Vietnam-EU.

According to Mr. Hogan, the Free trade agreements of Vietnam - EU recently completed negotiations to bring great opportunities for both Vietnam and Europe manufacturers in searching the rapidly growing market for high-quality agricultural products from both sides. Agricultural products exported to Europe have grown in the past and have achieved annual turnover of up to 129 billion euros in 2015. Hence, it helps Europe to become the No. 1 exporter of agricultural products in the world.

The good news is that not only is Vietnam increasingly interested in agricultural products and foods from Europe but also the number of consumers in Europe interested in Vietnam specialties is also increasing. In recent years, the impressive growth of the export products of Vietnam in the European market, especially it’s nearly 20 billion euro trade surplus in favor of Vietnam in 2015, which is mainly about agricultural products, have seen precisely this enormous potential. This potential will be optimised through the bilateral FTA implementation process and eliminate tariffs starting from 2018.

At the press conference, he also shared that, in addition to items such as coffee, cashews, pepper, … European consumers want to see more agricultural products, and high-quality food Vietnam. At the same time, Europe also wants to bring high quality products to Vietnam, especially meat and dairy products. In this context, there should be competition between businesses to consumers get good food. However, Mr Hogan also confirmed he is in favor of competition, jointly developed rather direct confrontation.

Accordingly, the head of the agricultural sector of the European Union expressed a wish to give new technology from Europe to Vietnam in order to improve the quality of agricultural products and foodstuffs. That will enhance exports of agricultural products and food from Vietnam to Europe, improving the status of agricultural commodities in Vietnam as opposed to recent imports into Europe.

In 2015, trade turnover between Vietnam - EU reached 38.4 billion euros. In which the value of imports into the EU reached 29.9 billion euros, the value of exports to Vietnam reached 8.4 billion euros. Also in 2015, Vietnam was ranked 21 in the list of trading partners of the EU, while the EU is the 2nd largest trade partner of Vietnam, just behind China. EU and 28 countries are also the 2nd largest overseas markets of Vietnam after the United States. Vietnam has become the 2nd largest trade partner of te Europe in ASEAN, after Singapore.

By Nguyễn Hiền/Thanh Thuy