September 24, 2018 22:55

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Vietnam earns US$6.15 billion from wood exports

15:40 | 06/11/2017

The export turnover of Vietnamese wood and wooden products is estimated at 6 15 billion USD since the beginning of this year, up 10 1 percent year on year.

vietnam earns us 615 billion from wood exports

Vietnam has earned about US$6.15 billion from the export of wood and wood products since the beginning of 2017

In the period, markets posting high growth rates included the US (18.8%), Canada (15.1%), the Republic of Korea (11.1%) and China (9.1%).

Experts said that the goal of US$8 billion in wood exports this year is feasible as the main season for wood exports is the last three months of the year.

Vietnam imports a large amount of wood materials worth US$1.7-US$1.8 billion annually, equivalent to about 20%-30% of export turnover.

Source: VOV