June 18, 2019 01:34

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Vietnam earns US$3.2 billion from auto accessories exports

18:49 | 10/10/2018

Vietnam raked in more than 3 2 billion USD from exporting auto accessories as of September 15

vietnam earns us 32 billion from auto accessories exports

The figure is higher than the import value of auto spare parts in the same period which stood at over US$2.5 billion.

Major importers of Vietnam’s vehicles and accessories include Japan, the US, Thailand, China, the Republic of Korea, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in the January-August period, a total of 28,816 cars were imported to the country, with the highest figure being from Thailand (22,080 units) and followed by Indonesia (3,093).

It is predicted that a large number of imported vehicles of various models will keep entering the Vietnamese market in the last months of the year. These vehicles enjoy zero percent import tax in line with the Southeast Asian countries’ commitments to lower tariffs from 2018.

Source: VNA