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Vietnam Customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th ASEM

10:08 | 17/10/2019

VCN - As the host country of the 13th ASEM Customs Directors General and Commissioners Meeting on October 9th-10th in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh, Vietnam Customs has worked to promote cooperation on issues in ASEM.

vietnam customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th asem The 13th ASEM Directors General and Commissioners Meeting was successful: Adopting seven actions
vietnam customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th asem EU appreciates the role of ​​Vietnam Customs in ASEM
vietnam customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th asem Enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment

To understand the role and goals of Vietnam Customs, on the sidelines of the 13th ASEM Meeting, Director - General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can had an interview with the press on this issue.

Could you please tell us the significance and importance of the 13th ASEM Meeting event for Vietnam Customs?

Under the approval of the Government, the direction of the Ministry of Finance, Vietnam Customs hosted the 13th ASEM Meeting in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh. This is a senior-official meeting attended by leaders of Customs Administrations of nearly 50 ASEM Member States, the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), as well as representatives of the European Union. This is also an honour and responsibility of Vietnam Customs as the role of host country in coordinating the activities of Customs administrations on two regions in the next term (2020-2021).

vietnam customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th asem
Director - General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can answered to the press at the 13th ASEM Meeting

The 13th ASEM Meeting has discussed and proposed action plan, Ha Long Declaration to facilitate trade between the two regions. The meeting has focused on: boosting smart borders, facilitating trade towards digitalisation.

Accordingly, Vietnam Customs and Customs Administrations of ASEM Member States need to improve capacity, strengthen modernization, electronisation and digitalisation to ensure the supply chain, security and safety for the community and the Member States.

In this event, Vietnam Customs will enhance cooperation with customs administrations in Asia and Europe in exchanging intelligence, illegal transportation (weapons, drugs and industrial waste), combating trade fraud and taking advantage of tariff preferences for Vietnam in C/O fraud; protecting intellectual property rights; preventing tax losses, increasing State revenue, ensuring national security and benefits.

The 13th ASEM Meeting has discussed Customs operation in the digital economy and the enforcement of Single Window in the context of applying affiliate intelligence and block chain technology. How has this issue been conducted by Vietnam Customs?

At the 13th ASEM Meeting, this issue has been discussed a lot by Customs Administrations. Vietnam Customs always pays attention to reforming and applying digital Customs technologies and digital economy to Customs operations. So far, Customs procedures have been automated at a high level, from customs declaration to tax payment, customs clearance by electronic mode reaches 99 percent. Some 65 percent of Green Channel shipments are cleared within no more than three seconds. This progress is appreciated by Customs administrations in the region and in ASEM member states.

With such progress, Vietnam Customs is assigned as Standing Committee for Trade facilitation, National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window. Vietnam Customs is chairing to develop legal documents to concertise Resolutions of the Politburo, directions of the Prime Minister and Government on boosting modernization and industrial revolution 4.0. In addition, Vietnam Customs is also developing and finalising a project on cross-border e-commerce, preventing and fighting international crimes, affecting the investment environment, facilitating trade, business, ensuring security and safety in Vietnam.

vietnam customs enhance connectivity cooperation in the 13th asem
DThe Meeting is attended by nearly 150 delegates as Customs Directors – General, Commissioners of ASEM Member State, WCO Secretary General, the EU and representative of Embassies of ASEM Member States in Viet Nam.

At the meeting, representatives of Customs Administration paid special attention to the proposal on Green Customs Campaign to prevent the illicit transshipment of waste and hazardous substances of Vietnam Customs. Please let us know recommendations and solutions of Vietnam Customs to implement this campaign?

This is a proposal of Vietnam to the 13th ASEM Meeting. Through agenda, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya appreciated efforts of Vietnam Customs in preventing imports and trafficking of waste and hazardous substances

From the beginning of 2018 till now, Vietnam Customs has seized and handled nearly 20,000 containers of waste; prosecuted many cases and enforced to re-export many containers of waste.

In this meeting, as the host country, the member of ASEM, Vietnam Customs reported on experience and propose solutions to prevent the release of waste dangerous for the environment and national security.

After discussing, Customs Administration of ASEM Member States approved the ASEM Customs Action Plan for 2020-2021, including seven actions.

Thank you very much

In the closing session of the 13th ASEM Customs Directors General and Commissioners Meeting, on the morning of October 10th, leaders of the Customs administrations of ASEM Member States adopted the ASEM Customs Plan and Ha Long Declaration and appreciated the role of Vietnam Customs in successfully organising the meeting.

Accordingly, Customs Administrations of ASEM member states adopted the ASEM Customs Action Plan for 2020-2021, including seven actions: Customs management of cross-border e-commerce coordinated by South Korea, China, and Poland; Connectivity - Transit coordinated by China, Austria, Germany; Single window for speedy clearance, automation and integrated risk management coordinated by India, Thailand, Italy and the EU; Effective and efficient border enforcement by utilising disruptive technologies coordinated by Japan; Customs management and intervention in transshipment hubs coordinated by Malta, and Vietnam; Joint Customs Operation on dangerous substances and waste shipments coordinated by OLAF, Vietnam and Cambodia, and Enhancing the organisation of the ASEM customs dialogue and connectivity cooperation among ASEM Customs Administrations coordinated by ASEM countries and Vietnam.

By Hong Nu/ Huyen Trang