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Vietnam-China Customs strengthencooperation in anti-smuggling

10:10 | 24/05/2019

VCN- Thecooperation between the Customs authorities of the two countries has made an important contribution todiscovering many cases of illegal transportation of banned goods, such as the transportation of 500kg ketamine to Ho Chi Minh City.

vietnam china customs strengthens cooperation in anti smuggling Operation Mekong Dragon: Arrested nearly 100 drugs cases
vietnam china customs strengthens cooperation in anti smuggling China customs expanding checks on U.S. fruit imports
vietnam china customs strengthens cooperation in anti smuggling
The Conference

On May 22, the 13th Vietnam - China Customs Cooperation Conference on anti-smuggling took place in Quang Binh.

At the the Conference, Director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) Nguyen Phi Hung emphasized that from the first Vietnam-China Border Customs Conference held in Ha Long (Quang Ninh) in 2000,so far, 13 conferences have been held between the anti-smuggling authorities of the two countries.

This shows the continuous and increasingly strong relationship between the Customs authorities of the two countries in general and between the anti-smuggling forces of the two Customs agencies in particular.

According to Hung, the 12th conference in Xi'an, China marked new cooperation mechanisms that have depth and practical effectiveness through the establishment of coordination plans to combat increasingly sophisticated transnational crime gangs.

In just overa year, the cooperation on anti-smuggling between the Customs authorities of the two countries has obtained important achievements.

Typically, the success of the Operation Mekong Dragon project on drug prevention in six countries in the Mekong sub-region wasco-founded and operated by Vietnam Customs and China Customs. Currently, nearly 100 drug cases were detectedin the region, intelligence information was shared and successfully operated within the framework of the Project.

The project was considered by the Asia Pacific Intelligence Office as a key project in anti-drugpolicy and was expanded in the region with the name of Operation Mekong Dragon AP.

vietnam china customs strengthens cooperation in anti smuggling
Customs representatives of the two countries took souvenir photos.

The close coordination of shared intelligence information betweenthe twocountries hasbrought specific achievements.

Typically, the coordination and information exchange has significantly contributed to the seizure of 8.3 tons of pangolin scales (in March 2019) in Hai Phong, or the seizure of 500 kg of ketamine in Ho Chi Minh City (in May2019).

“I think that this Conference is an important event in the cooperation of the two Customs authorities and shows the need and the sustainable development in our cooperation to achieve a common goal which is to play role of soldiers guardingthe economy of each country, contributing to ensuring economic security and safety for the life of eachcountry”- Hung said.

At the conference, besides re-assessing the cooperation in anti-smuggling between the two customs authorities, the more important task for both authorities is to exchange measures to further strengthen cooperation in anti-smuggling, contributing to facilitating trade, bilateral trade investment and building good-neighborly relations and cooperating in accordance with agreements by senior leaders and Customs leaders of the two countries.

This conference once again marks the effective cooperation through discussing and defining specific coordination plans in anti-smuggling such as preventing smuggling and illegal transportation of Wild Fauna and Flora, drugs and smuggled goods across targeted border gates.

The theme of the conference is changed into “Vietnam-China Customs Cooperation Conference on anti-smuggling”. The conference will end on May 24.

By Thai Binh/ Ngoc Loan