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Vietnam becomes more selective in FDI attraction: VCCI official

18:57 | 07/08/2019

The Vietnamese Government is resolved to further boost green growth and pursue a more selective approach to foreign direct investment projects instead of attracting them at all costs.

vietnam becomes more selective in fdi attraction vcci official

Delegates at the forum.

This was highlighted by Vo Tan Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) at a “Kanseikei” forum themed the economic growth coupled with environmental protection, which took place in the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa on August 6.

Vietnam will not sacrifice the environment for prevailing economic benefits and the livelihood of residents while the country is moving towards sustainable development in tandem with additional social justice and environmental protection, Thanh said.

The VCCI official elaborated that the awareness of large domestic firms about sustainable production has been increased in pursuit of a long-term growth strategy and environmental protection.

A string of local enterprises have taken more active part in applying cutting-edge technologies into their production process in a bid to improve overall competitiveness and protect the environment.

Norihiko Kondo, President of Japan-based Kaiho Sangyo Co. Ltd, said that the event attracted the participation of a number of Vietnamese representatives as many Vietnamese companies have paid much more attention to environmental protection.

Kondo went on to say that the theme on economic growth coupled with environmental protection would once again come under spotlight at

the upcoming Vietnam-Japan culture and trade exchange, which will be held in Can Tho city in November.

He added that balancing both economic and environmental benefits remains a challenging issue for many enterprises, even those from a developed country like Japan.

Therefore, the social responsibility and contributions made to environmental sustainability serve as a good way to measure the success of firms.

Source: VOV