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Urgently take part in the Asanzo case to arrive at conclusion soon

13:28 | 16/12/2019

VCN – The Government, National Steering Committee 389 has directed drastically competent forces to urgently take part in the case of Asanzo company and related companies in order to arrive at a conclusion soon.

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Source: Internet

That was the information that the Chief of the Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389 Dam Thanh The gave to the media on December 12.

Up to now, the Ministry of Finance (Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389) has had preliminary information on the case.

Currently, the competent authorities of the Ministry of Finance have identified some signs of violations of Asanzo Group Joint Stock Company such as fraudulent origin of goods, deceiving consumers, and especially acts of tax evasion.

To clarify this issue, the Government, the National Steering Committee 389 assigned the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, with its functions and tasks, to promptly verify and comprehensively achieve a conclusion soon.

If there were violations, they should be strictly punished in accordance with the law to protect genuine businesses and consumers.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy