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Upgrade e-tax services

09:52 | 10/03/2019

VCN- The General Department of Taxation has upgraded electronic tax services (eTax) to support taxpayers to make tax settlement more conveniently.

nang cap dich vu thue dien tu Promote e-tax services
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nang cap dich vu thue dien tu
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Accordingly, the new application has supplemented the online tax settlement service for individuals and organizations who do not have digital signatures, instead of online tax declaration as before on the personal income tax settlement system (online personal income).

The General Department of Taxation has also integrated and replaced 2 systems including tax declaration ( and tax payement ( to support taxpayers as enterprises to fully implement electronic tax declaration, payment and refund on the same system to reduce tax declaration time and save costs for enterprises.

The e-tax service also supports taxpayers who have multiple sources of income from different places to choose and identify where to submit tax settlement dossiers easily by ticking simple selection buttons on the application - instead of self-study to determine where to carry out the settlement as previous. This avoids misidentification of place of submission of tax settlement dossiers, wasting time and efforts of taxpayers due to travel.

In addition, e-tax services also support individuals to declare items on the tax declaration form in accordance with regulations, and support the calculation to reduce errors in arithmetic on the form.

The e-tax service also assists tax officials to quickly check the sufficiency of the tax settlement dossier before officially approving the sector's tax administration application. In case there are errors in the tax settlement dossier, the tax officials will immediately inform to the taxpayers for revision and correction.

According to the General Department of Taxation, the online declaration has supported taxpayers to correctly declare tax and determine the tax agency but the individuals still have to send paper dossiers to the tax agency because they do not have digital signatures to avoid the abuse other individuals' tax codes for online tax settlement.

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It is known that, in 2019, the Tax Department will continue to reform, build and upgrade information technology applications so that taxpayers can submit electronic tax settlement dossiers, without sending paper dossiers if there are already digital signatures, and will pilot electronic tax refund for personal income tax from salaries and wages.

By Thuy Linh/ Huyen Trang