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Two containers of imported scrap held

09:38 | 03/08/2019

VCN – The enterprise declared the import of two containers of recycled plastic but through physical inspection, Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch detected that all goods were scrap.

tin nhap 20190802102522
Scrap was camouflaged as recycled plastic.

On July 31, Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch said that the unit has inspected two containers of imported goods which were declared as recycled plastic pellets. However, all the goods were scrap.

The above shipment included two containers (over 37 tons) with import declarations by N.A Trading Private Enterprise. The shipment was classified in yellow channel – checking customs dossier.

Discovering suspected signs, Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch changed the shipment to red channel for conducting a physical inspection. As a result, there were a number of buckets of recycled plastic pellets, while the remaining goods were scrap in the bottom of the container.

Currently, Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch is appraising for verifying the quality of two imported scrap containers in order to have solution for handling them.

tin nhap 20190802102522
Container was full of scrap
tin nhap 20190802102522
Recycled plastic was camouflaged in the head of container
tin nhap 20190802102522
There were many kinds of scrap inside container
tin nhap 20190802102522
The shipment was being verified

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy