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Three forces collaborated to destroy the biggest drug trafficking lines in the region

08:06 | 24/07/2018

VCN - Over 100 officers and soldiers from three forces: Police, Border Guard and Customs have coordinated to successfully destroy the three biggest lines of transportation, production and consumption of drugs in the South.

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The subjects in the drug transport line from Cambodia to Vietnam led by Vu Hoang Oanh.

More than 100 officers and soldiers participated to close the case

On 16/7, Colonel Le Thanh Liem, Deputy director of the Police Department of Criminal Investigation (C47) - Ministry of Public Security officially informed about how the three largest lines of drug transportation, production and consumption in the South were discovered, arrested by the police force, Border Guard Defense force and Customs.

Colonel Le Thanh Liem said that those drug lines were very large, the participants of the lines mostly have family connections. The subjects collaborated with some Lao people to transport drugs into Vietnam in large quantities. In order to block the target, the three forces had to mobilize more than 100 officers and soldiers. After nearly two months of monitoring, the forces included: C47B (Ministry of Public Security), Southern Anti-Drug Enforcement Unit (Unit 6) - Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department - General Department of Vietnam Customs, Southern Special force (Group 3) - Border Defense force, Police Division of Criminal Investigation (PC47) - Police of HCM City and other competent forces, to successfully destroy two large specialized drug projects, arrested 19 people, seized 218 bars of heroin, more than 30 kg of meths and more than 103,000 tablets of synthetic drugs, a lot of cash, cars and many related documents. In particular, the drug trafficking line created by the Phan Huu Hieu (nickname is Mouse) was born in 1970 (native place is Nghe An), was seized in possession of 179 bars of heroin. The lines of Vu Hoang Oanh (was born in 1957, based in Hai Phong) was seized with 39 bars of heroin, more than 30 kg of meths, and 103,000 tablets of synthetic drugs.

According to Colonel Le Thanh Liem, the leading subjects in this line calculated the way, the date and time of transportation very sophisticatedly, so the hunting force got lost in the difficulties to track and find the appropriate options. "Subjects used a lot of new technology to deal with competent forces, so the scouts also constantly changed the means of tracking in order to follow the objects. In order to catch the objects, the competent forces had coordinated smoothly, divided into small scout groups and tracked objects transporting from the small quota lines in the area of the border gate, to inland for "catching" the whole line, arresting the head subject. Especially, with the experienced professionalism of Customs officials in Unit 6, they participated in the case quite professionally,"- Colonel Le Thanh Liem emphasized.

Production of ecstasy in the center of Saigon

Besides the two specialized projects of drug transportation as mentioned above, the working group also destroyed a large line of drug production (ecstasy) in the heart of Saigon, seizing 84,000 tablets of ecstasy, 1 kg of methamphetamine ... , 10 grams of cocaine and equipment for production. The head of this line is a French citizen, was born in 1992 who had just completed a two-year prison sentence. The subjects in this line rented apartments, using pure MAMD drugs mixed with other substances to produce ecstasy. The subjects depended on the market and orders to produce different drugs. On average, those objects produced about 20,000 tablets, selling at over 200,000 VND/tablet. Regarding to this line, Customs authorities (Unit 6 and HCM City Customs Department) have arrested many imported consignments containing thousands of tablets of synthetic drugs. This case has been handed to HCM City Police for further investigation.

Hunting for drug baron Vu Hoang Oanh

According to Colonel Le Thanh Liem, in the drug production and consumption line led by Vu Hoang Oanh, the police have decided to hunt for this subject all over the country. At the same time, the force will coordinate to hunt for Vu Hoang Oanh at the international level. According to the board of specialized projects, Vu Hoang Oanh is leader of the large drug trafficking and transportation line which transported from Cambodia to Long An through small roads into Vietnam. Remarkably, in this line, they used many objects to help them in the transportation and consumption of drugs, Nguyen Thi Hue (thoft for Ngoc), who was born in 1969 (lived in 110, Thanh Loc 16, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) and 11 related subjects. The competent force searched 9 places and seized exhibits including 103,000 tablets of synthetic narcotics (ecstasy), 39 bars of heroin, about 30kg of meths, cars, motorbikes and related documents.

These are the specialized projects where the largest amount of drugs were seized in the region, cutting off three major drug trafficking lines from Laos and Cambodia to Vietnam, relating to many geographical areas with many participants. The main subjects in this line operated very sophisticatedly and recklessly with various operational methods. The subjects used cars with Laos license plates in order to transport to Vietnam, transported through trails, open roads then gathered in the area near the border gate, after that they transported to Ho Chi Minh City for consumption.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy