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The volume of seized drugs is increasing

08:53 | 13/04/2019

VCN- In the first quarter 2019, the scale and nature of drug crimes have increased, while thevolume of drugs seized by competent agencies is increasing. Deputy Director of Drug and Crime Prevention Department, Do Ngoc Canh talked to the press on this issue.

the volume of seized drugs is increasing 80% of drugs shipped to Vietnam are transshipped abroad
the volume of seized drugs is increasing Director General of Vietnam Customs talked about the 276kg meth seizure coordination in Philippines
the volume of seized drugs is increasing Illegal drug transportation via aviation is still "hot"
the volume of seized drugs is increasing
Do Ngoc Canh Deputy Director of Drug and Crime Prevention Department

Could you assess the methods of drug traffickers today?

The cross-border drug trafficking and transporting is complicated. The Police, Border Guard and Customs forces have detected many cases of drug trafficking and transporting with large volume, especially the seizure of nearly one tonne of drugs.

Drug trafficking and transporting involves domestic and foreign smugglers, even transnational drug trafficking gangs.

Synthetic drugs are mainly produced in foreign countries (such as Myanmar). Synthetic drug production technology has been applied by foreign smugglers and then transported to Vietnam for domestic consumption ortransported to third countries.

In the first quarter, the Border Guard force seized 662.25 kg drugs, accounting for 53% compared to 2017.

The volume of drugs has sharply increased due to rising demand. Also, Vietnam is considered as a drug transshipment country from abroad to transport to third countries.

Previously, drugs were mainly transported from China into Vietnam to ship to third countries, but recently drugs have been transported from Laos and Cambodia into Vietnam.

To enhance efficiency of drug prevention and combat, what measures have the Border Guard taken?

The Border Guard force has identified that drug transporters are residents of Vietnam-Laos border who are relatives with drug transporters and traffickers.

Drug smugglers take advantage of importing and exporting goods to hide drugs inside goods and means of transports.

In addition, some smugglers have abused tracks and trails to transport drugs and gather at a site to transport inland for consumption.

The Border Guard force has detectedmany drug cases in the Central Highlands and Central border areas, that were set to be transported to Ho Chi Minh City for consumption.

the volume of seized drugs is increasing
300 kg drugs seized on 20 March in Ho Chi Minh city

The crime scale and nature is large and the volume of seized drugs is increasing, it is difficult for the Border Guard to perform its duties.

We need coordination of the political system in preventing and fighting drugs across border gates.

To solve this issue, the Border Guard has focused on information exchanging and international coordination, especially withLao agencies. It has collaborated with Lao Police to tackle many special cases alongthe Vietnam-Laos border.

The Border Guard has alsoset up many special plans to effectively combat drug transporters coming to Vietnam.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan