July 19, 2019 05:15

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The tax sector has inspected 462 enterprises by the end of quarter 1

15:55 | 12/04/2019

VCN - By the end of the first quarter, the tax sector had collected revenue of more than 1.786 trillion VND by strengthening supervision and inspection.

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By the end of March, the entire tax sector had implemented 8,089 inspections. Photo: TL

According to data from the General Department of Taxation, by the end of March, the entire tax sector had implemented 8,089 inspections (9.28% of the plan of 2019) and 61,425 tax declaration dossiers were examined at the tax authorities. The total amount of money proposed to be processed through inspection and examination exceeded 6.333 trillion VND.

The total tax increased in collection through inspection was 1.786 trillion VND; deduction is 247 billion VND; reduction in loss is 4.299 trillion VND. Since then, the total tax amount paid into the budget is 842 billion VND, 47.15% of the tax amount to be collected through inspection and examination.

In terms of inspection work, the number of enterprises inspected is 462, 6.42% of the plan in 2019. The total number of collecting arrears, reimbursement and fines is 891.41 billion VND, equal to 94.32% of the same period of 2018; deducting 13.85 billion VND; reducing loss is 1.656.96 trillion VND. The tax amount paid to the state budget is 409.46 billion VND, 45.93% of the increased tax collected through inspection.

As of the end of March, the Taxation Department has inspected 7,627 enterprises, reached 9.54% of the plan in 2019. Theotal amount of tax arrears, reimbursements and fines is 825.39 billion VND, 84.88% of the same period of 2018; deduction is 172.22 billion VND; reducing of loss is 2.638.63 trillion VND. Since then, the amount of money paid into state budget is 363.33 billion VND, reaching 44.02% of the tax to be collected through inspection at the enterprise office.

Regarding the inspection of tax declaration dossiers at the office of tax authorities, units have checked 61,425 dossiers; handling for adjustment 69.31 billion VND; deduction 61.27 billion VND; reducing loss 4.04 billion VND. Checking and reviewing tax declaration dossiers at tax authorities detected taxpayers' mistakes and hidden errors to increase tax declaration.

Recently, the General Department of Taxation has directed units to focus on completing the amendments and supplements to the Law on Tax Administration and a project on reviewing and amending regulations on sanctioning of late payment of administrative violations.

The taxation sector has implemented a scheme to receive tax obligations and publicise the tax amount of a taxpayer on the electronic portal of the General Department of Taxation; building software for checking corporate income tax declaration dossiers; building databases of enterprises with associated transactions.

The tax authorities also implemented the project of exchanging information for business registration - tax registration under single window mechanism for the taxpayers in a cooperative. At the same time, it has implemented a project on tax supervision and inspection management;, electronic tax inspection, building software to support bar and tax inspection; application of inspection and examination diary across the country.

In the future, to improve the efficiency of tax inspection, the General Department of Taxation will continue to implement many solutions, with special emphasis on implementing renovation for inspection and examination activities in the direction of unity and modernity.

At the same time, tax authorities should enhance the exchange of information with related parties to improve efficiency and effectiveness of inspection and examination work. The taxation sector has increased the application of risk management in inspection and examination.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy