March 25, 2019 14:41

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The sale proceeds of confiscated foreign cigarettes must lodge to State Budget

14:28 | 10/08/2018

VCN – The Ministry of Finance has just finalized the draft circular guiding the management and use of proceeds from the auction of confiscated foreign cigarettes.

tin nhap 20180808084623
The exhibits of a case of confiscating smuggled cigarettes done by An Giang Customs. Photo: Đăng Nguyên

The draft regulated the expenses related to the auction of confiscated foreign cigarettes which still have good quality for export including: Testing, quality inspection; transporting, forwarding and preserving from the time of issuing confiscation decisions to the completion of the auction; cost of determining the reserve price for auction; remuneration of auction service...

With the proceeds collected from the auction of confiscated foreign cigarettes which still have good quality, within 3 working days since the date of receiving the proceeds from the sale of confiscated foreign cigarettes; the authority and unit was assigned the task of organizing the auctions should have full responsibility to lodge all the proceeds to the imprest account at the State Treasury.

The proceeds collected from the auction, after deducting the prescribed expenses, should be fully lodged into the state budget according to the decentralization plan. Annually, the authority or unit which presided over the auctions should put in an estimate of expenditures for serving the work of supervision, management and prevention of cigarette smuggling. So the collecting and classifying is put into the estimate of normal expenditure of the unit, and then report to a higher level of management authority before sending it to the financial authority at the same level in accordance with provisions of State Budget Law 2015 and guidance documents.

The content of expenditures include: Expenses for rewarding organizations and individuals who have recorded outstanding achievements in cigarette anti-smuggling; Expenses for health improvement during the treatment period of officers, and expenses for soldiers who died during the investigation; expenses for purchasing information; Expenses for people directly involved in investigation, recapture, arrest, inspection and control of cigarette smugglers.

In cases where officials and soldiers die, the specific support levels should be decided by the heads of the authority or cigarette anti-smuggling unit, but it must not exceed 10 months’ salary levels; The allowance is 100,000 VND/person/day; The price of purchasing information of each case should not exceed 100 million VND for the cases where the proceeds from the sale of confiscated foreign cigarettes were under 5 billion VND; it should not exceed 200 million VND for the cases valued at 5 billion VND or more.

By H.Vân/Thanh Thuy