August 16, 2018 10:24

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The number of public cars will sharply decrease

13:25 | 15/08/2018

 VCN- After the fifth session of the 14th National Assembly, voters of Da Nang City proposed that currently the increase in public cars has caused a waste of State budget, and suggested the Government direct and review to remedy this situation.

the number of public car will sharply decrease Billions of dong saved per year thanks to the expenditure package for public cars
the number of public car will sharply decrease Is it unreasonable to liquidate a public car with a price of 40.2 million vnd?
the number of public car will sharply decrease As the new norm is applied, public cars will reduce by more than 3,100 cars
the number of public car will sharply decrease
Illustrative photo. Source: Internet.

Responding to this issue, the Ministry of Finance said that before 1st January 2018, the equipping of public cars is implemented in accordance with the Decision No. 32/2015/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister regulating the standards, norms and regime of management and use of automobiles in the State agencies, public non-business units and one-member limited liability companies, of which 100% of their charter capital is owned by the State.

Accordingly, privileged cars are equipped for the work of leaders from the provincial People's Committee Chairman, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Council, Deputy Minister, to the equivalent or higher levels; cars for general purposes are equipped for the work of the privileged units and position allowance coefficient of 0.7 or more; Specialized vehicles are provided for specialized activities such as ambulance, fire extinguishers, driving lessons, transportation of currency and etc.

Implementing the Resolutions of the National Assembly, the Government and directions by the Prime Minister, and the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets (took effect from 1st January 2018), the Ministry of Finance has coordinated with other ministries, sectors and localities in drafting a decree regulating the standards and norms for the use of cars to replace provisions stipulated in Decision 32, and submitted them to the Government for consideration and promulgation in Dispatch No. 144/TTr-BTC dated 4th October 2017.

With this draft, when the Decree is promulgated and takes effect, the number of public cars will sharply decrease.

the number of public car will sharply decrease Expenditure for public cars in 2016 decreases more than 118 billion vnd

VCN- Due to the determination of refusing the payment for the case of buying cars which are ...

For example: Reducing the norms for cars for general work of agencies, organizations and units, not equipping cars for general work for agencies, organizations and units which have only one title and position allowance coefficient from 0.7 to less than 1.25; Implementing the policy of fixing expenditure on the use of cars for a number of positions.

By Hong van/Ngoc Loan