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The Ministry of Industry and Trade outlined the CPTPP implementation schedule

15:49 | 18/03/2019

VCN – The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the implementation plan for the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

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Accordingly, the set targets are: Concentrating on supporting all ministries, sectors and localities to develop and implement the CPTPP Action Plan; effectively applying and promoting the agreements, thereby making the most of the opportunities and minimizing the challenges of the CPTPP in the production and business activities of enterprises, contributing to the international economic integration process of Vietnam... All activities of the Action Plan will focus on implementation in the provinces and cities nationwide.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the specific schedule in phase 1 (2019) includes the following main tasks: Focusing on completing the work related to issuing necessary legal documents for the implementation of CPTPP; develop and implement a propaganda plan, focusing on propaganda and introduction of information about CPTPP and specific chapters of the Agreement; building and operating an FTA portal based on coordination with the World Bank and the Australian Embassy in Hanoi.

Improving the capacity of providing information of units in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, especially the business system, information center, trade promotion center, and Vietnam Trade Promotion offices in foreign countries in order to provide information effectively to the business community; developing programs, support, improve competitiveness and participate in regional and global value chains for goods and services under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; developing market development programs for potential exported goods and advantages of Vietnam in the market of CPTPP‘s countries ...

In phase 2 (2020 - 2025, vision to 2035): Continue to implement the work related to the amendment and issuance of necessary legal documents in order to implement the CPTPP; implementing intensive propaganda activities, focusing on training courses, knowledge on CPTPP for officials in the central, local authorities and enterprises.

To continue to build and complete technical measures (national standards, national technical regulations, food safety, origin, environmental protection ...) in accordance with international commitments to support the development of Vietnamese businesses, products and consumer protection; continue to implement tasks related to the develop of an early warning scheme on trade protection, consolidation of inter-sectorial and local coordination mechanisms in trade defense cases, to support businesses in responding to trade defense lawsuits ...

Regarding the expenditure for implementing the Plan's activities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that it is expected to have 3 funding sources: State budget; funding from foreign partners, focusing on developed countries participating in CPTPP such as Canada, Australia, Japan, ... and some international organizations such as the World Bank (WB) ...; the funding sources mobilized by sponsors of television agencies, newspapers, institutes, universities,...

By Thanh Nguyễn/Thanh Thuy