August 19, 2019 08:30

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The improvement in Na Nua

16:23 | 08/02/2019

VCN- In 2012, Lang Son Customs Department officially carried out customs procedures for import and export goods, people and means of transporting vehicles at Na Nua opening way and at the end of April 2014, Na Nua opening way was officially established with the name of the side gate of Na Nua. At that time, the entire side gate had a few simple blocks and the customs force had to stay with the old row of border guards. By this spring, Na Nua has had many changes ...

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the improvement in na nua
Na Nua Customs officials checked the export of cassava chips. Photo: Hong Nu.

"New shirt" welcomes Spring

For a long time, we have had the opportunity to return to Na Nua side border gate (in Quoc Khanh commune, Trang Dinh district, Lang Son), which is opposite to Na Hoa border gate (Ha Dong town, Long Chau district, Choang National Autonomous Region, Guangxi, China). The dusty red dirt road, which is in progress of being invested, curves like a stream bed, making us sway along the bumps, smashes, and shakes the car. Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, civil servant of Lang Son Customs Bureau encourages: “We are coming soon, the road is good there, don't worry. It's very funny there”. He said that to encourage the reporters. Then the car passed Trang Dinh town, suddenly the space was thin. It was in the dust of the road, then the car had topped the yard for several hectares. The sharp dazzling sun at the end of winter makes the yard for loading goods look wider. Each car is connected directly, the rows of working houses for the forces here are spacious, making the entire border area look like a miniature town. "are you surprised?", Nguyen asked us.

The captain of Na Nua Customs Operations Team of Tan Thanh Customs Sub-department (Lang Son Customs Department) Ly Van Khoa deliberately invited guests to the border gate, so he kept repeating: "There are a lot of changes, the room for guests and representative offices are as bustling as a street”! Because of his suggestion, we were determined to get to the edge.

The captain Ly Van Khoa explained, the border gate is planned according to functional areas, it is very convenient for import and export goods. As you know, the roads have met the requirements of goods import and export, now the big trucks can get through, and if we can combine well with the neighbour country, we can export hundreds of cars every day. The total turnover of temporary import for re-export goods was $ 286 million and turnover of domestic exports reached over US $ 257 million, the budget revenue was nearly VND 3.6 billion. The unit has also completed procedures for 12,055 vehicles, coordinating in collecting the vehicle fee according to Decision No. 53/2016/QD-UBND of the provincial People's Committee reaching over VND 36.5 billion.

For a few years, Na Nua was like a miniature town. Now, the Working houses, transport roads and yards are all mixed up due to the economic growth of Lang Son and the whole country. According to Mr. Vu Duc Hoa, Vinh Long Co., Ltd., (a company specializing in importing and exporting agricultural and aquatic products), in a few years, Na Nua will be developed as fast as any major border gate. Because Na Nua is more convenient for import and export, besides, with it being concerned about infrastructure investment and policies, then China will pay more attention to goods from ASEAN. Therefore, Vinh Long has created an advantage by welcoming the multi-purpose service area here.

Opening the connection

Confiding with us, Vice Chairman of Lang Son Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Cong Truong said, Lang Son province has been creating a good mechanism, investing in infrastructure, attracting businesses, creating jobs for Na Nua side of border gates. Since a boost was created for Na Nua to develop, Na Nua will soon be worthy of being the main gate in trade with China. Na Nua will become a place for Vietnam-China trade exchange. Today Na Nua affirmed a right direction of the border gate economy in Langson.

Talking with us, Mr. Nguyen Cong Truong said that at the moment, there is one place for gathering, checking and supervising import and export goods operated by Viet Trung International Transport Service Joint Stock Company, with a total area of ​​more than 3 hectares and recognized by the General Department of Customs to put into operation. China is also focusing on investing in building Na Hoa border gate.

The development of Na Nua border gate will be a stepping stone to turn a region's expectations into reality. The amount of investment in infrastructure construction in Na Nua is not large if we compare to other border gates, but it is still possible to create leverage to help people living around the border area become more and more prosperous. Bringing appearance of a busy and dynamic commercial border area ...

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Leaving Na Nua when the Lunar New Year was approaching, on the way back to Lang Son city, our car had to pull to the side of the road to give way to a car from the opposite direction. As I know, every day there are hundreds of cars from the plains bringing goods to Na Nua and going back. This crowded circulation has helped the old gate to change a lot, such as with wide roads, bright lights displayed at night. That is enough to believe that Na Nua's future will shine, bringing greater resilience to the northeastern border of the country.

By Tuan Kiet/ Quynh Lan