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The Government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures

16:32 | 21/03/2018

VCN- Resolution of monthly Government meeting for February 2018 issued by the Government provided drastic instructions to ensure for achievement of the growth target and administrative procedure simplification.

the government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures Ministries review fees for specialized inspection of imported and exported goods
the government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures Seafood enterprises proposed for simplifying the specialized inspection procedures
the government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures The Deputy Prime Minister directs to reduce specialized inspection procedures
the government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures
The Government requests to reduce 50% of specialized inspection. Photo: Q.H

Ensuring for growth target

The request is for ministries and sectors to actively monitor the situation in the country and the world, to promptly issue appropriate polices and focus on implementing synchronously and effectively tasks and solutions set out in Resolutions of the Party, the National Assembly and the Government.

Specifically, continuing to focus on implementing the target of macroeconomic stability , control inflation and promoting fast and sustainable growth associated with the implementation of breakthrough strategies, promoting restructuring and enhancing economic competitiveness.

In 2018 and future years, the Government continues to consider the development and improvement of legal institutions, administrative reform and business environment improvement as the top priority. Actively reviewing mechanisms, policies and laws to promptly remove obstacles and shortcomings causing difficulties for socio-economic development, especially provisions related to investment, business, projects, environment and land.

Each ministry, sector, locality, State group and corporation, need to urgently develop the growth scenario in each quarter and take specific and drastic measures to ensure the growth target set out. The leader shall take responsibility for the results of implementation of targets and planning of the sectors.

Ministry of Planning and Investment is to summarize and develop the growth scenario and report to the Government at the next monthly meeting in March 2018. The Ministries: Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the State Bank, are to closely monitor the macroeconomic developments in the country and in the world, focus on researching and promptly propose appropriate solutions and policies, especially the amendment of policies of the big countries.

Striving to reduce the interest rate

The Government requests the State Bank to implement monetary policies in an active and flexible manner, with close coordination with the fiscal and other macroeconomic policies to ensure the goal of macroeconomic stability and inflation control. Managing appropriate credit growth associated with credit quality assurance, especially in areas with risk. Accelerating the restructuring of credit institutions; handling bad debts. Striving to reduce the interest rate, stabilize exchange rates and increase the State's foreign exchange reserves.

Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance and ministries and localities drastically implement necessary solutions and take responsibility before the Government and Prime Minister for the progress of implementation and disbursement of public investment capital, and make changes in March 2018.

Strengthening the inspection, examination and strictly reviewing responsibility and handling cases of delay in the implementation of public investment plans.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment chairs and urgently assigns public investment plans 2018 before 31st March 2018. Reporting to the Prime Minister on the assignment of the medium-term public investment plan for 2016-2020 in March 2018. Strengthening online bidding, ensuring efficiency and thrift.

The Ministry of Finance closely implements fiscal policies, strengthens fiscal–budgetary discipline, saves recurrent expenditures, procurement. Drastically preventing revenue losses, transfer pricing, tax evasion, expanding of tax offices and anti-tax-base erosion. Strengthening the solution of tax collection from the informal economy sectors .

Mobilizing and using effectively public assessment. Strictly managing and effectively using public debt and ensuring debt repayment capability, public debt safety and national finance.

Controlling the increase in Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Ministries, sectors and localities closely coordinate with the Steering Committee for Price management to control the increase of CPI from the beginning of the year to create conditions for management in the last months of the year. Developing plans and roadmaps to adjust price of commodities and services managed by the State. Developing a detailed and appropriate price management scenario to ensure inflation control in 2018.

Ministries, sectors and localities set specific plans and targets, regularly urge, inspect and focus on accelerating the equitization, capital divestment, restructuring State-owned enterprises under plans approved by the competent agencies; restructuring their sectors, areas and localities. Taking measures to promote hi-tech application in the context of industrial revolution 4.0. Focusing on removing difficulties and obstacles to develop centralized economic zones and hi-tech parks.

Ministries and agencies urgently prepare contents and programs for organizing national conferences to discuss national solutions and decisions on key issues of the country.

The Steering Committee for prevention of Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Counterfeit goods drastically takes measures to prevent smuggling, trade fraud. Focusing on inspecting and controlling key commodities and areas to detect and handle in a timely fashion the acts of tax evasion, production and trading of illegal imported goods, counterfeit goods, low-quality goods and trade fraud.

The Deputy Prime Ministers shall regularly direct, inspect, urge and rigorously monitor the production and business of products in the sectors and areas under their management. Concentrating on monitoring and handling strictly 12 big loss-making projects and other projects invested by the State budget.

Operating effectively 3 special administrative – economic units soon

The Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the People's Committees of Quang Ninh, Khanh Hoa and Kien Giang provinces shall prepare fully legal frameworks and necessary conditions to operate 3 special administrative – economic units soon, in which urgently complete projects of the Government on the establishment of special administrative-economic units, improve the draft Law on special administrative - economic units and submit to the National Assembly for approval.

The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance and the localities shall study and propose the reduction of cost for enterprises such as road service price , logistic service fees in March 2018.

The ministries and agencies under their assigned tasks and functions continue to instruct, coordinate, urge and evaluate the work performance, especially environmental issues, sewage treatment, ensure food safety, quality of health examination treatment for people, strictly handle problems causing concern in society such as urban order, ensuring for officers, doctors and staffs in hospital, behavior in the educational environment.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall coordinate with the relevant ministries, agencies and localities in efficiently exploiting the opportunities and advantages of the Free trade agreements which Vietnam has signed. Speeding up the signing of the EU –Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall promptly guide and deploy the prevention and combat of epidemics of plants, animals and fisheries. Taking initiative in disaster response. Chairing and collaborating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, associations and localities in taking solutions to boost the development of major export agricultural products.

Reducing specialized inspection procedures

For the implementation of the tasks assigned by the Government and the Prime Minster and the inspection results of Working Group in February 2018, the Government assigns the Working Group to continue to urge and examine the task performance of ministries, agencies and localities and report publicly in the Government’s meeting. At the same time, requesting ministries and agencies to strictly implement proposals of the Working Group, in which focusing on implementing some contents as followed:

Specifically, for specialized management ministries, and ministries and agencies in charge of managing for conditional business investment sectors, urgently review relevant legal normative documents, develop plans on reducing, simplifying and abolishing unnecessary, unreasonable and overlapped business conditions, specialized inspection procedures, causing difficulties for business production of people and enterprises, ensuring reducing and simplifying 50% of the goods nomenclature, products and specialized inspection procedures. Cutting and simplifying 50% of business conditions. Reporting to the Prime Minister not later than 30th April, 2018.

the government requests to abolish unnecessary specialized inspection procedures Specialized inspection procedures mainly by manual methods

VCN- Computerized administrative procedures are the inevitable trend to shorten the time and the cost for citizens ...

Developing documents for implementation of plans on reduction and simplification of business conditions, specialized inspection procedures towards developing a Decree amending many decrees in short order and procedures. Submitting to the Government to consider and issue before 31st October 2018. Collaborating with Ministry of Planning and Investment in reviewing, studying and proposing the reduction of conditional business investment sectors under their management stipulated in Appendix 4 of the Law on Investment. Developing a Draft Law on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises.

The Ministry of Finance shall promptly submit to the Government a draft Decree on the implementation of the National Single Window mechanism and the ASEAN Single Window and specialized inspection. The Government Office shall chair and coordinate with the the specialized management ministries and propose the methods on specialized inspection and management for goods nomenclature subject to management by many ministries

By Huong Diu/Ngoc Loan