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The Customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports

15:35 | 17/05/2018

VCN- Taking initiative in detecting and handling many violations related to scrap imports, the Customs has monitored cases related to this activity.

the customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports Declared plastic film, importing scrap
the customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports Actively prevent “scrap” import
the customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports Steel scrap imports hit record high in 2016
the customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports
Cat Lai Port (Ho Chi Minh City) may be overloaded due to imported scrap in stock . Photo: T.H

Over the past time, the Customs has detected and seized many violations related to scrap imports with various methods and tricks.

According to the Risk Management Department (under the General Department of Vietnam Customs), from 2017 to present day, hundreds of violations have been detected and handled by the Customs. The violations mainly are: making fake dossier and seals; importing scrap that do not meet standards; hiding banned imported goods, goods with high value and high tax rate in scrap shipments.

The representatives of International Cooperation Department said that from the beginning of 2018, China implemented the policy of banning the import of plastic scrap which was the potential danger for Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries to become scrap destinations. The representatives of the Department said that it was necessary to strengthen the collaboration in information exchange to control imported and exported containers among countries in the region.

Specifically, many cases of importing scrap into Vietnam, after detecting the control of the Customs and competent agencies, importers left a huge volume of goods in stock at key border gates, affecting import and export activities.

Recently, Mr. Ngo Minh Thuan- Deputy General Director of Saigon New Port Corporation has requested Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department to handle goods in stock, of which over 5,200 scrap containers at Cat Lai Port.

Also, a huge volume of goods was in stock related to scrap imports in Hai Phong Port, especially used rubber tires, making difficulties for the Customs in handling.

In order to further strengthen the control and promptly hand violations related to scrap imports, at the end of April, the GDVC issued the plan on risk management for scrap imports.

Accordingly, the Customs will focus on drastically reviewing, detecting and handling for violations in scrap imports.

The Customs will pay special attention to the analysis and classification of risks in scrap imports for each commodity group; unlawful enterprises and enterprises with suspicious signs associated with each specific area.

At the same time, reviewing and classifying all the quantity of scrap shipments in stock at ports, harbors and warehouses in the country.

the customs detects many fraud tricks in scrap imports Steel scrap imports hit record high in 2016

The latest trade statistics released by the Vietnam Ministry of Finance indicate there was a marginal month ...

The Customs also will collect and verify information at relevant competent agencies on licensing for scrap imports of each enterprise.

It is acknowledged that the Customs has also comprehensively taken many measures and applied specialized management methods to promptly detect and handle strictly violations related to scarp imports.

According to the statistics from the Customs, from 1st January to 12th March 2018, 928 enterprises imported scrap with 49,266 declarations in the country. Of which, 407 enterprises imported plastic scrap with 18,344 declarations; 254 enterprises imported paper scrap with 11,187 declarations; 369 enterprises imported iron and steel with 13,114 declarations.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan