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The 'commander' of anti-smuggling in the 'hot' border areas

08:14 | 22/02/2018

VCN- 12 years experience attached to customs control, Director of Department of Cua Viet Customs Port (Customs Department of Quang Tri) Mr Le Mai Anh (photo) is always known byleaders and colleagues asenthusiastic in the battle against smugglingon the Vietnam-Laos border.

the commander ofanti smuggling in the hot border areas

As the spring air is flowing through the Khe Sanh Mountains (Huong Hoa, Quang Tri), it is time for officials and civil servants from the Department of Quang Tri Customs to start working atthe peaktime for fighting against smuggling in Tet. Controlling the situation of "hot" smuggling, the customs officers are still day and night "eating in the mountains, sleeping in the forest",to pushthemselves to perform the task in cold weather. The task of controlling smuggling is so difficult, but their boldness and courage with the dew here makes us feel their passion, enthusiasm, and love for their job.

During the trip to Quang Tri, we had the opportunity to talk with Mr Le Mai Anh, who was the young leader of the Customs Control Team with great achievements in the fight against smuggling. He is quite amodest when talking about himself, but the voice of the CentralDepartmentis very excited in talking about cases of anti-smuggling. He has been implementingcontrollingtasksformore than 10 years, participating in dozens of plans, breaking thousands of large and small cases, more than enough time for the leader of this team to accumulate experience andcouragein the complexbattle against smuggling.

Mr Le Mai Anh is known as an energetic, creative person in his work.He has advised leaders of the Quang Tri Customs Department on solutions to improve effectiveness for controlling smuggling and drugs.

When he was in charge of drug prevention and control, as a civil servant orin the role of captain, Le Anh Anh wasalways concerned about the ineffective coordination of the forces. Therefore, he proposed to the director of the Department for approval to implement effective measures of coordination between the customs forces and Police and Border Guard. From 2011 to 2015, the Customs Control Team directly and jointly arrested 17 narcoticscases and arrested 39 people; Material evidences include: 6,546 WY generic drugs; 4 cans, 4.7 kg of marijuana and 900g of marijuana leaves; 6 tubes of medicine ... These result contributes to the synergy in the coordination between the forces as well as eliminating more dens and drug hot spots in the area.

He was unsatisfied with the achieved results when he was on duty as a Head of Customs Control Team, in the situation of smuggling in the area,so Mr. Le Mai Anh continues to propose solutions for "Strengthening control passenger cars traveling towards Lao Bao". The cadres and civil servants in the team always keep their internal unity, ready to takeonthe task, not "afraid of difficultyor afraid of suffering", to prepare for the big, complex battle. Particularly,team leaders have listened to sources of information from the base, from colleagues, from which processing information accurately ... causing many tobacco smugglers and car owners to bescared. At times, the customs forces arrested 1 crop / day, the Customs Control Team reached the target number of cases with the highest value of goods seized in the whole sector.

Emulation titles and noble rewards are acknowledged by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Customs for individual "commanders". These are the motivations for Le Mai Anh to continue to try his best to complete the assigned task in excellent way.

By Quang Hung/ Quynh Lan