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The case of exemption from checking energy efficiency

10:14 | 15/02/2017

VCN – To deal with problems of the General Department of Customs in the process of handling Customs procedures for imported goods that are vehicles and equipment in the production line, the General Department of Energy-Ministry of Industry and Trade said, they will assess professionally for each particular case to confirm the exempt case of checking energy efficiency.

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Earlier, in the proposal sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the General Department of Customs said, when handling import procedures for certain imported goods that are subject to checking minimum energy efficiency but are integrated in the machine and production lines, there is a case that the General Department of Energy instructs to not carry out energy labeling and impose energy efficiency.

In order to implement consistency, the General Department of Customs suggested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to guide for cases of importing identical shipments or similar of enterprises, and Customs authorities can base on the guidance of the General Department of Energy to solve Customs clearance or not.

Answering the question of the General Department of Customs, the General Department of Energy said, in Clause 2, Article 3, Decision No 51/2011/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister defined the roadmap for applying energy performance at minimum levels for the industry equipment group, office equipment and commerce: Since 01/01/2015, it is not allowed to import and manufacture devices with lower energy efficiency than the minimum.

Accordingly, an electric motor on the list of products has to have an energy label and apply the minimum energy efficiency required form.

However, for specialized equipment integrating a motor that has been imported for production purposes under specific companies, the certification must be based on the actual device to examine and evaluate qualifications for each specific case.

Where import units have shipments which have been confirmed for exemption from checking energy performance, the next shipment with identical detailed lists and devices will not need to implement an energy efficiency check.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy