December 07, 2019 19:36

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The case of Asanzo: Customs already inspected 27 partner enterprises

16:35 | 22/07/2019

VCN – Customs authorities have issued 27 decisions of post clearance audit for enterprises operating import – export activities that are sales partners of many enterprises, including Asanzo company.

The information was revealed in the seminar “Fighting against fraudulent origins of Customs sector” held by General Department of Vietnam Customs on July 19.

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Mrs: Nguyễn Thu Nhiễu: There has not been a final result yet. Photo: T.Bình

Representatives of competent forces under the General Department of Vietnam Customs said that by implementing directives of Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has actively performed related tasks.

However, due to the regulations about “Made in Vietnam” that still have many obstacles, difficulties and uncleared so customs authorities has being verified carefully and objectively.

Nguyen Thu Nhieu - Deputy Director of Post-clearance Audit Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) said that in the verification process, the Customs authorities has identified 31 import-export enterprises that having sales activities with Asanzo.

Of that, there were three enterprises were no longer operating and one company was prosecuted (Sa Huynh Company).

Therefore, Customs authorities issued 27 decisions on post-clearance audit for the remaining 27 enterprises.

Among those 27 enterprises, the Post-clearance Audit Department directly inspected 13 enterprises, and handed over 14 units to the HCM City Customs Department to check and continue to clarify.

Up to July 19, the Post-clearance Audit Department was still conducting reviews, gathering information and coordinating with relevant units.

“We perform our tasks in accordance with the functions and assigned tasks. At the present, there has not been a final result yet, Deputy Director of the Post-clearance Audit Department said.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy