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The case of 600 speakers having forged origin: Did enterprises collude with foreigners for making counterfeit goods?

19:36 | 28/09/2018

VCN – Based on the statement of director as well as dossiers of two related enterprises, it has many conflicts and contradictions. Thus, the public questioned, did the enterprises collude with foreign traders for making counterfeit goods?

the case of 600 speakers having forged origin did enterprises collude with foreigners for making counterfeit goods
The shipment of trolley speaker imported from China but it was labeled “made in Vietnam”. Photo: T.H

Dusky labels

Regarding to the shipment of 600 trolley speakers imported from China which had forged origin of Vietnam, on 24/9, leader of Southern Anti-smuggling Enforcement Unit (Unit 3) – Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department – General Department of Vietnam Customs said that, they have reported and proposed to transferred case dossier to Police authorities for investigation and clarification.

Through a discussion with Customs News reporter, a customs official of Unit 3 who participated in the investigation said that, through a statement by directors of two enterprises as well as documents provided to Customs authorities, it showed many conflicts and contradictions. The results of the initial investigation of the customs authorities showed that there were signs of colluding for making goods forged with Vietnam’s origin.

This official also revealed that, according to the statement of Mr. Tran Thanh Tung, Director of Tran Vuong Import-Export Co, Ltd., (Tran Vuong Company), the shipment of trolley speakers was imported by Son Tung Electronic Construction Joint Stock Company (Son Tung Company) under the contract signed between the two parties with Tran Vuong Company.

The ordering and printing of the contents on the trolley speaker package was proposed by Son Tung Company. Thus, it is possible to understand the content written on the carton of speakers and microphones in Vietnamese: "NANOMAX loudspeaker; Son Tung Construction and Electronics Joint Stock Company, headquarter: 83/5 Thoai Ngoc Hau - Hoa Thanh Ward - Tan Phu District - Ho Chi Minh City; Certificate of Trademark Registration Number: VN4-0082480; Made in Vietnam" was proposed by Son Tung Construction Joint Stock Company and order?

Explanation for the issue above, the Director of Tran Vuong Company said that he knew about the printing contents before importing, but he misunderstood that the label was inscribed on the product (!?).

While Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Director of Son Tung Company, said that the company ordered a lot of portable speakers from Tran Vuong Company and asked Tran Vuong company to label the NANOMAX brand. But the company did not understand or were confused, so Tran Vuong printed on the packaging "Made in Vietnam" right from China instead of "Made in China"!

The case will be forwarded to the police for investigation

Affirming the consignment on the entrusted import for Son Tung Company, representative of Tran Vuong Company provided to the customs authorities with the copy of certificate of incorporation named Tran Vuong Company; certificate of incorporation named Son Tung Company; Authorization import contract signed by Son Tung Company (original) and copy of Trademark Registration Certificate No.82480 issued by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam - Ministry of Science and Technology for NANOMAX loudspeaker .

For Son Tung Company, the director of the company also affirmed that he signed the Authorization import contract for Tran Vuong Company to import the loudspeaker shipment under the customs declaration No. 102111205230/A11 dated 12/7/2018 as mentioned above. However, the reason for the import of this shipment was that Tran Vuong Company lacked relevant documents to supplement the customs dossier. Therefore, Mr. Tung suggested Son Tung Company to sign the above contract. And Son Tung Company agreed to sign this contract for supplementing the dossier for the imported consignment of Tran Vuong Company!

However, after several days, Mr. Tung resigned the authorization import contract which was provided to Unit 3 with the given reason: Company Tran Vuong imported the shipment with the declaration No. 102111205230/A11 dated 12/7/2018 for the purpose of trading unfinished speakers and expected to be sold to Son Tung Electronics Construction Joint Stock Company. However, due to providing wrong authorization import contract which was signed with Son Tung Company, "This was actually the shipment of Tran Vuong Company import for operating business, not importing for authorization," – Mr. Tung confirmed.

Mr Tung also gave the reasons for the import of above shipment of trolley speakers was sent by mistake by Chinese enterprises. Moreover, the Chinese enterprise also sent letter to the company to inform about delivery by mistake and proposed to take back the above shipment.

According to the reporter’s finding, Tran Vuong Company has just licensed in February of 2018 with the major business: Sales of spare parts and auxiliary parts of cars and other motor vehicles. However, in two months of June and July of 2018, the company has opened eight import declarations for the trolley speakers.

According to the leader of Unit 3, with the sign of violation as mentioned above, it is likely that there will be collusion between the parties in the production of counterfeit goods with forged origin from abroad. The customs authorities will transfer the case dossier to HCM City Police for clarification.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy