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The 132nd annual session of the WCO’s Customs cooperation council

08:44 | 30/06/2018

VCN – The 132nd anuual session of the Customs cooperation council of the World Customs Organization (WCO) was opened on the morning of 28 June in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium. Vietnam Customs delegation attended the session, led by Director General of  Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can.

the 132nd annual session of the wcos customs cooperation council Deputy General Director Vu Ngoc Anh welcomes WCO expert
the 132nd annual session of the wcos customs cooperation council The 129th / 130th session of the Customs Co-operation Council to be opened
the 132nd annual session of the wcos customs cooperation council WCO supports the EAC developing a new 5 year risk management strategy
the 132nd annual session of the wcos customs cooperation council

Vietnam Customs delegation led by Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can (the second on the left) attended the session.

The 132nd session will end on 30 June 2018. This is the most important session of the year. In which, Directors General and heads of 182 Customs member authorities of WCO will: Review and assess the performance in the past time and develop orientations, policies, and technical measures and cooperation and mutual support mechanisms to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs operation globally for challenges related to free trade, trade protection, smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transport of drug substances, banned goods, explosives, counterfeited goods, fake goods, toxic substances damaging environment and people’s health.

The session will also spend time to consolidate the apparatus and operation institutions of WCO and WCO Secretariat in order to meet the requirement for development in the current situation.

At the session, Directors General of Customs authorities will discuss and adopt reports of the Policy Commission, Permanent Technical Committee, Control Committee, Capacity Building Committee, Audit Committee and Finance Committee on the payment of yearly dues and the use of WCO fund.

In terms of policy aspect, the 132nd session will focus on discussing the implementation of the WCO’s strategic plan 2018-2019 and approve the proposals for the orientation of development and modernization of Customs authorities to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the economy (the Economic Competitiveness Package), orient the law enforcement (the Compliance and Enforcement Package) and develop policies and solutions to ensure the national revenues (the Revenue Package). Directors General of Customs also talk about and approve the Performance measurement in Customs

The current WCO priorities on general policy includes the implementation of trade facilitation agreement of the World Trade Organization of Customs authorities; effective solutions for Customs administration for electronic trade, security for global trade supply chain, cooperation mechanism between domestic tax and Customs authority, measures to control illegal money flow related to cross-border trade transactions

The session will decide some orientations for review of SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade, review the revised Kyoto Convention on simplifying and harmonizing Customs procedures and WCO joining of some countries which have not been the United Nations members.

In terms of Customs technical aspects, the session will approve some achieved results related to Customs operations on determination of goods origin, customs valuation and goods classification for new commodities.

the 132nd annual session of the wcos customs cooperation council Mr. Duong Van Tam becomes Vietnam Customs representative to WCO

VCN - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued Decision No. 741 / QD-BNG appointing Duong Van ...

2018 is the year of ending the term of the WCO Secretary General. Thus, this session will conduct the election to the post of WCO Secretary General for the term 2019-2023 with 2 candidates from Japan and Spain. In addition, the session will conduct election of members of some WCO commissions including Policy Commission, Finance Committee and Audit Committee

By Anh Tai/ Huyen Trang