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ThanhHoa border forces combine to stop smuggling of 10 heroin packages

16:42 | 06/09/2016

VCN- According to a source from ThanhHoa Border Guards, a Task Force specialized in Drug and Crime fighting (under the ThanhHoa Border Guard department), in collaboration with the Police forces in Drug Prevention of Hua Phan province - Laos, caught 2 Laotian suspects red handed when they were trying to smuggle 10 packagesof heroin.

thanhhoa border forces combine to stop smuggling of 10 heroin packages

Initiating the plan to apprehendthose criminals in illegal transport of narcotics inthe border areas of ThanhHoa - HuaPhan (Laos), at 6 pm on 31-82016, in Sop Bau village, Sop Bau district, Hua Phan province, the Task Force captured two suspects, respectively are Thao Po Ho (born in 2001, residing in HuoiNha village) and Tong Cu Xong (born in 1985, residing in Huoi Ten , MuongSon, Hua Phan province) for attempting to transport heroinacross the border.

The Task Force confiscated 10 packagesof heroin, a motorcycle and three mobile phones.

Later,2 suspects confessed to transporting the drugs on to the border region for selling into Vietnam.

Currently, the case is under further investigation by the authorities.

By Dao Le/Phuong Linh