July 10, 2020 19:40

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Thanh Hoa Customs seizes 41 tonnes of smuggled rice

19:56 | 28/05/2020

VCN – Leaders of Thanh Hoa Customs Department said that the unit detected and seized a case of transporting illegally up to 41 tonnes of rice in the area of Ocean International Port.

The violated rice was seized. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs

At 7:30 PM on May 14, during the patrol at the Ocean International Port area, the working group of Nghi Son port Customs Branch (Thanh Hoa Customs Department) discovered the Golden Bay ship with Vietnamese nationality; IMO number: 911989/VN-2941-VT. The ship was empty which did not contain cargo moving from Cam Pha port - Quang Ninh to Ocean port for loading domestic coal, and showed suspicious signs.

The ship was under the management of Vietnam Gas and Chemical Transport Joint Stock Company headed by Doan Duc Kuu as captain and arrived at Ocean International Port the same day.

The working group conducted a preliminary inspection and found a large amount of rice packed in 40 kg bags on board, labeled ABUKASS - INDIAN MAZZA BASMATT RICE, made in India, without documents to prove the origin of goods.

Then, the team asked for documents related to the shipment. However, the representative was unable to produce documents proving the origin of the shipment.

The team organised direct supervision and requested the representatives of ship to maintain the current status of goods and be present at the headquarters of Nghi Son port Customs Branch for working. Through checking the Ship Inventory Schedule on the E-Manifest System, it showed the amount of declared rice was 360 kg.

On May 15, Nghi Son port Customs Branch worked with Doan Duc Kuu in the witness of competent authorities in the management area.

At the meeting, Kuu claimed that the rice on the ship was leftovers after customers in Saudi Arabia unloaded from the ship. As the packaging was dirty, customers did not receive and leave on board, the sailors on board collected it as reserve items on board. All packages of the above shipment were labeled ABU KASS - INDIAN MAZZA BASMATT RICE brand, made in India, weight: 4x10kg, with no specific quantity of goods.

The captain of the Golden Bay ship could not present documents relating to the goods. The representative of customs authorities requested the Golden Bay captain within 24 hours of the establishment of working minutes to produce all documents and information related to the above shipment.

On May 16, after 24 hours after receiving the request, Kuu did not present invoices and documents related to the shipment. At the same time, Kuu also admitted not reporting to Vietnam Gas and Chemical Transport Joint Stock Company about the rice on board during the business trip.

Nghi Son port Customs Branch issued a decision to search means of transport and hold in custody violated exhibits and means of transport. The violated goods included 1,035 bags of rice with a total weight of 41,200 kg.

The Nghi Son Port Customs Branch implemented the process of supervision and escorting goods as exhibits to the headquarters of Customs Branch under the witness of representatives of authorities: Nghi Son port Border Post; Customs Enforcement Team - Thanh Hoa Customs Department; Economic Security Division of Thanh Hoa Province Police; Representative of Thanh Hoa Port Authority in Nghi Son; Ocean Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company and continues to handle the case.

Below is a picture of the competent force conducting an inspection and seizing the exhibits:

The violated rice was seized. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs
The layer of coal covered the sacks of rice on the ship. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs
In the storage. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs
Golden Bay. Photo Thanh Hoa Customs
Large quantities of rice are kept in many areas on the ship. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs
Close up of rice bags. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs
More than 41 tonnes of rice were brought to the headquarters of Nghi Son port. Photo: Thanh Hoa Customs

By P.Nhân-N.Linh/Thanh Thuy