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Tens of imported special purpose cars were left in port

12:12 | 27/11/2017

VCN – Tens of cargo containers in that have more than 20 special purpose automobiles importing to LOTUS port for nearly half of year but the freight owner does not come to do the procedure for receiving. 

tens of imported special purpose cars were left in port
Cars in VICT port. Photo: T.H

According to information from Saigon port are 3 Customs Branch, through the review of stagnant goods in accordance with Circular 203 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, as of 10/11/2017, there are 45 containers and bulk cargoes are left at VICT, LOTUS and Tan Thuan ports.

Commodities contained in these containers are a mainly specialized automobile, such as Excavator, bus ... also goods are iron, tile, ceramic, glass...

For the above consignments, within 60 days after the first announcement (on 10/11), if the freight owners do not come to do procedures for receiving goods, it will be handled according to provisions of law.

As known that, earlier, in 8/2017, the Saigon port area 3 Customs Branch has made statistics in 3 port system managed by this unit, it still has 102 containers that have not received by freight owner. The goods are mainly iron pipe, automobile, sheet metal, plastic scrap,…

Besides that, at VICT port, tens of imported luxury cars are subject to stagnant goods in this port. These cars have been imported into ports for several months, some of them have been imported since 2016 but enterprises have not come to Customs offices to do clearance procedures. In particular, there are many valuable cars such as Lexus, Mercedes, BMW...

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy