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Tay Ninh: Hot smuggling spot of money and foreign currency

09:09 | 30/09/2017

VCN- The border area of the Tay Ninh province has a large traffic flow, opposite the Cambodian side, there are many casinos, so the illegal currency movement across the border happens complicatedly and tends to increase.

tay ninh hot smuggling spot of money and foreign currency
The objects and proof were arrested with over US$ 400,000.

Compared to the cross-border smuggled goods, the currency is not bulky, it has great value and the transportation rent payment is very high, so, this attracts many people to participate in this activity. According to the assessment of the functional forces in Tay Ninh, the main methods and tricks of the objects are to hide foreign currencies in people, in personal cars when entering the borders. Taking advantage of the applicable exemption mechanism for the foreign currencies carried in quotas, the objects are dependent on the immigration passengers or the border residents to carry the foreign currencies or keep in luggage in order to evade the inspection and supervision of the functional forces.

In addition, in the bordering area, some objects are hired to "split" the foreign currencies for the casino gamblers, or other objects carry the foreign currencies in the trails on either side of the border, especially, 2 international border gate Xa Mat and Moc Bai

In addition, as an assessment of the functional forces, the money laundering prevention is one of the important tasks. Illegal currency movement is also one of the money laundering activities of criminals, especially in border gates Apart from the money laundering purpose, the cross-border cash movement is the aim of implementing the illegal acts or causing difficulties to the investigative forces.

In order to detect and handle the violations promptly, in the past, the functional forces of Tay Ninh province have carried out the coordination of activities, intensified the exchange of information and mobilized the patrol forces to control, detect, and handle the illegal trading and transportation of foreign currency across borders. In particular, many objects are arrested with large amounts of money, the sophisticated transport methods and tricks to evade the inspection and supervision of the authorities.

Typically, on April 18th, while on duty in the area of the South Hiep Thanh, the task team of the Moc Bai International Border Guard, the Tay Ninh Border Guard has discovered and arrested for Tran Duc Long who was born in 1985 and lives in Phuc Duc Ward, Binh Long Town, Binh Phuoc province, he transported illegally more than US$ 400,000 from Cambodia to Vietnam. To overtake the functional authorities, Long and the object going with him rolled around US$ 400,000 to hide inside the cake boxes, the cakes were camouflaged above, the box was glued carefully.

On August 29th, the Customs Sub-Department of Xa Mat border gate, the Customs Department of Tay Ninh province also issued a decision to criminalize the illegal transport of over 366 million VND across the border gate without declaration and transferred to the Investigation Police agency, the Police of Tay Ninh province to investigate and handle under their competence. The prosecution object was THOL THENG, locating in Pơnhia K district, Tboung Khmum province, Cambodia with an act of hiding the amount of 66,865,000 Riel (Cambodian currency, equivalent 366,420,200 VND) in the car transported from Cambodia to Vietnam. All of the above money did not have the related documents, and the customs declaration.

Previously, on August 23rd, through the screening work, the Customs Sub-Department of Moc Bai border gate discovered the suspicion and inspected actually the luggage of Ms. Phan Thi My Lan, born in 1966, locating in Dong Nai who brought 37 million VND exceeded the prescribed level without carrying out a customs declaration. Likewise, also through the screening work of entry luggage, on August 26th, the Customs Sub-Department of Moc Bai border gate discovered Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut, living in district 3, the Hochiminh city which brought 78 million VND without implementing the Customs declaration…

At Moc Bai border gate, with an average of 5,000 arrivals and departures per day, hundreds of transports entering and exiting through the Joint Control Station are implicit activities for illegal movement of money and foreign currency across the border gate and through the trails in two sides of the Moc Bai border gate, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh province. Although in 2016 and many years before, the Moc Bai border gate customs authorities have made many decisions on confiscation of material, heavy fines for the transportation subject and even criminalization that seemed to make the objects pullback, however, the situation from the beginning of 2017 to today has continued to complex.

According to the Customs Sub-Department of Moc Bai border gate, besides a few passengers did not know the regulations on declaration of money, foreign currency upon entry or exit, the illegal transportation of money cross-border of the subjects was payment of the buyers and the sellers of the smuggled goods, gambling money that the objects carried away, brought back, money that the objects brought to the neighboring countries to buy the illegal transportation goods for sale to make profits, and the object had the sophisticated transportation tricks, changed methods constantly so that, it was difficult for the investigation and arrest of functional forces.

According to the report of the Tay Ninh Steering Committee 389, in the first eight months of 2017, the functional forces have detected and arrested 10 illegal transportation cases of money and foreign currency across the Tay Ninh border with a total of over 868 million VND, US $ 436,950 and 66,865,000 Riel (Cambodian money).

By Thu Diu/ Binh Minh