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Tay Ninh: Detect one man illegally carrying many auxiliary devices

09:15 | 24/12/2017

VCN – on 20/12, Moc Bai Customs Branch (Tay Ninh Customs Department) said that the unit has just coordinated with Moc Bai Border Control Station to discover one man illegally transporting many auxiliary devices. 

tay ninh detect one man illegally carrying many auxiliary devices
Passengers on entry implement luggage inspection through scanner. Illustration image. Photo by T.D

The case was discovered when the Customs authorities inspected the luggage of Pham Hoang Kha (born in 1993, and lives in Dalat city, Lam Dong province) via scanner, and found suspected signs, so Customs officers requested to conduct a physical inspection.

As a result, in Pham Hoang Kha’s luggage it was found there were 12 boxes of plastic gun bullets, 5 bags of plastic pellets, 5 spicy pepper sprays, 1 muffler and 1 telescopic sight.

The Moc Bai Customs Branch handed over to Moc Bai Border Defense Force in accordance with their duty of competence, because of the evidence of weapons, explosives, auxiliary devices and dangerous toys

It is now known the Command of Border Defense Force of Tay Ninh province has issued a decision to sanction administrative violations to Mr. Pham Hoang Kha, with a fine of 30 million VND, and confiscated all the evidence.

By Thu Dịu/Thanh Thuy