July 10, 2020 12:18

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Tax finalization in Hanoi: Urgent, serious but not negligent against Covid-19 epidemic

19:38 | 09/03/2020

VCN- The Hanoi Tax Department is urgently deploying activities in response to "The month of accompanying taxpayers to make tax finalization in 2019." At present, the tax departments of the Hanoi Tax Department aremaking efforts to both fulfill the tasks and Covid-19 epidemic prevention.   

tax finalization in hanoi urgent serious but not negligent against covid 19 epidemic Tax, land lease payment term extended for epidemic-hit firms
tax finalization in hanoi urgent serious but not negligent against covid 19 epidemic Handling of administrative violations in tax, treasury and customs agencies reviewed
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tax finalization in hanoi urgent serious but not negligent against covid 19 epidemic
Photo recorded at the one door department of Hanoi Tax Department. PHOTO TL

Good preparation

At the Dong Da Tax Department, there is an atmosphere of working urgently and professionally.At the beginning of the month, the number of taxpayers making tax finalization as still not high. Most taxpayers are supported quickly and enthusiastically by tax officials, so that tax finalization can be carried out quickly.

According to Mr. Le Quang Hung, Director of Dong Da Tax Department, this year's tax settlement is expected to have over 17,000 tax finalization records of businesses and organizations and over 20,000 tax finalization records of individuals

In order to prepare and deploy effectively in supporting taxpayers and fulfilling responsibilities of tax authorities, Dong Da Tax Department has actively advised the District Party Committee and People's Committee of Dong Da District to develop plans with the content of the "Companion month for taxpayers to finalize tax in 2019" in the districts.

At the beginning of February, the People's Committee of Dong Da District issued a guiding document not only to the tax office, but also the departments, divisions and units of the district and the People's Committees of 21 wards. They are responsible foraccompanying the tax offices, enterprises, organizations and taxpayers, contributing to supporting taxpayers to finalize tax on schedule.

"We have reviewed the transmission line and the information technology system, as well as the processes and management software to make the connection seamless and continuous. Besides, reviewing and supporting by strengtheninga contingent of competent cadres and officials who meet the urgent needs and problems of the enterprise,” Mr. Le Quang Hung said.

As at the Ha Dong Tax Department, currently welcoming taxpayers to perform tax finalization also takes place quite smoothly. Mr. Nguyen Tien Minh, Director of the Ha Dong Tax Department, said that the tax office has fully arranged from people to equipment in receiving tax finalization records of taxpayers, while the prevention of epidemic is also taken seriously.

tax finalization in hanoi urgent serious but not negligent against covid 19 epidemic
Taxpayers make tax finalization at Dong Da Tax Department. Photo TL.

Proactively prevent epidemics

A feature of this year's tax settlement is that it takes place in the period of theCovid-19 epidemic. As one of the units with the largest number of taxpayers makingtax settlements in the country, officials and employees to support taxpayers of the Hanoi Tax Department are "straining" to fight against epidemics at the same time tocomplete the mission.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tien Truong, Deputy Director of Hanoi Tax Department, seriously implementing the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the Hanoi Tax Department did not organize a direct course of tax policy training at the tax office. Instead, the tax authorities have compiled lectures with videos, clips and slides to send to all taxpayers. Tax authorities also post information on websites so that taxpayers can find out and actively submit tax reports as prescribed. Cases of directly submitting tax finalization dossiers at tax offices are provided with free face masks.

At Dong Da Tax Department, this unit also pays special attention to anti-epidemic solutions. Accordingly, once a week, the office of the Sub-Department is sprayed with disinfectant, especially in the single-window section because this is the part where people come to trade a lot.The departmentdoes industrial hygiene, equips masks and antibacterial hand sanitizer for taxpayers to come to maketransactions. At the same time, the Sub-Department also arranged propaganda officials, reminding both tax officials and taxpayers to comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Similarly, Ha Dong Tax Department has also fully implemented measures to prevent the epidemic. Specifically, it is recommended that taxpayers when working with tax authorities should implement preventive measures such as washing hands with antibacterial geland wearing masks when working with tax officials to prevent infection.

Ms. Vo Thi Yen, an accountant at a company in Ha Dong District, makes tax finalization for employees from the first days of the month. Ms. Yen said that according to the recommendation of the tax authorities, her business soon completed the application to be able to quickly finalize the tax early, avoiding the situation of arriving on the last days of the month.

“The tax officer at Ha Dong Department of Taxation enthusiastically assisted and handled my application quickly. Moreover, although many people are afraid of coming to a crowded place due to the Covid-19 epidemic, when coming to work at the Sub-Department, I am completely assured thatepidemic prevention here is taken very seriously. I was also asked by officials here to wear masks continuously and instructed to wash myhands with antiseptic gelbefore and right after work,”Ms. Yen said.

According to a survey by a Customs Newspaper reporter, at the one-stop section of Hanoi Tax Department or Dong Da Tax Department and Ha Dong Tax Department, hand washing solution with disinfectant water is fully prepared and stored in easy to observe location so it is convenient to use. Besides, most tax officers and taxpayers have to wear a mask when communicating. The tax settlement atmosphere at these units is very urgent and serious.

By Thuy Linh/Bui Diep