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Tax and Customs policy dialogue with the business: Practice and efficiency

16:08 | 29/11/2018

VCN- Over the past time, the Finance sector has made efforts to implement the Government’s Resolution 19 and Resolution 35 on administrative reform, contributing to improving business environment, enhancing national competitiveness and supporting business development. In particular, the dialogue activities for promptly removing difficulties and shortcomings are highly appreciated by businesses.  

tax and customs policy dialogue with the business practice and efficiency Ministry of Finance had a dialogue with Korean enterprises: Willing to listen and solve problems
tax and customs policy dialogue with the business practice and efficiency Ha Noi Tax Department answered about Tax policies for over 300 enterprises
tax and customs policy dialogue with the business practice and efficiency Tax- Customs dialogue conference will be held in October 2018
tax and customs policy dialogue with the business practice and efficiency
Deputy Minister Vu Thi Mai chaired the dialogue conference on Tax and Customs policies with Korean enterprises in 2018, on 17th August 2018. Photo: T.L

About 2,000 dialogue conferences per year

Financial law, especially Tax and Customs policies have directly impacted on the businesses’ interests. Thus, since 2004, Ministry of Finance has held Tax and Customs policy dialogue conferences with the business community. The Ministry of Finance issued the regulations on organization of legal policy dialogues with businesses and is highly appreciated by the business community on its efficiency through annual dialogues.

Over the past years of implementation, this model has been confirmed as correct and increasingly effective. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance has requested the General Department of Taxation and the General Department of Vietnam Customs to deploy the legal policy dialogue with businesses from the central level to local level. Every year, the Finance sector has held 2 business dialogues nationwide, attracting thousands of businesses and about 2,000 business dialogues at provincial and branch levels held by local Tax and Customs Departments.

Through policy dialogues with businesses, the Ministry of Finance has understood and removed inadequacies and shortcomings in a timely fashion for the business community in complying with policies. At the same time, through dialogues, businesses have been updated and better understood new financial policies; created a feedback channel on the practical deployment, the compliance with law and financial policies, helping the policy-making agencies to complete and amend quickly.

Besides the legal support, the Ministry of Finance has focused on deploying administrative reform, simplifying administrative procedures, removing shortcomings and inadequacies, and accompanying people and businesses.

Enhancing professionalism, transparency and efficiency

According to the representative of Legal Department (under the General Department of Vietnam Customs), during past time, the Customs sector has always encouraged the business community to coordinate in building a more transparent and stable Customs authority. The Customs sector has actively developed communication channels so that the business community can promptly comment on the performance of Customs authorities at all levels.

The reform, modernization and renovation of management method in line with international practices with the motto of listening, understanding, sharing, cooperation and companion, the Customs authorities at all levels regularly hold dialogue conferences and propagandize policies in various forms, attracting the attention and participation of the business community.

Also the assessment by the Legal Department, the dialogues and consultations between the Customs and the business have step by step changed the organization method to really become an effective tool in handling shortcomings. The Customs has taken the initiative for developing communication channels so that the business community can promptly comment on performance of Customs authorities at all levels.

Besides the performance of the Finance sector, the Tax authority has also regularly held Tax policy dialogues with tax payers. Through annual and quarterly dialogues, the Tax departments of the General Department of Taxation and local Tax branches have promptly disseminated new tax legal documents and documents that were issued or were about to take effect; directly answered questions and guided procedures for taxpayers; received and rectified complaints from people about tax officials’ service attitude.

According to the assessment, the organization of dialogue conferences with taxpayers by the Tax authority has facilitated taxpayers in tax payment to the State budget, contributing to creating a favorable condition to encourage people and businesses to continuously invest and expand production and business, creating jobs and ensuring social welfare.

Although the efficiency of dialogues has been achieved, the Ministry of Finance says that the communication, sharing and accompanying between the Customs, Tax and the business through dialogue conferences needs to be improved in the coming time to enhance professionalism, transparency and efficiency in development, implementation and supervision of the Customs and Tax policy enforcement.

tax and customs policy dialogue with the business practice and efficiency Korean enterprises want to understand clearly tax and customs policies

VCN - On the afternoon of September 17th, 2018, the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the ...

For effective and consistent models, especially the model of business dialogues, the Ministry of Finance continuously accelerates reforms of the forms and ways to promptly understand and remove business shortcomings and inadequacies and help businesses understand and update policies in a timely fashion, thereby, enhancing law enforcement. Accordingly, it does not only contribute to enforcing financial policies and law in the reality, but also effectively exploits the feedback from the business community for their timely amendment and supplement.

However, in order to fulfill targets set by the Government, the Ministry of Finance, besides the efforts of the Tax and Customs sectors, it needs to have the coordination of relevant ministries and sectors and the contribution of the business community.

By Dao Le /Ngoc Loan