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Suspend the investigation of 4 cases of smuggling ivory

20:08 | 21/11/2017

VCN – 4 cases of smuggling ivory occurred in Cat Lat port that was detected and seized by HCM City Customs Department in 2016, have been suspended due to unidentified smugglers.

suspend the investigation of 4 cases of smuggling ivory
Ivory was smuggled by Dieu Tien Company and have been detected at Cat Lai port in 2016 by Customs authorities. Photo: Thu Hòa

According to Saigon port are 1 Customs Branch, the Police Investigation agency – HCM City Police has announced that 4 cases of smuggling ivory have been suspended which were detected, prosecuted and handled over by the unit.

The suspended cases from investigation including Case of smuggling nearly 1 tons of ivory through the use of the legal person that was Dieu Tien Trading Service Co., Ltd owned by Doan Vuong Tuyet Mai as director. The case was detected by Customs authorities on 26/10/2016.

The second case is related to Huynh Phat import export commodity logistic Co., Ltd which smuggled 529 kg of Africa ivory and discovered by the end of November 2016. The company director is Huynh Van Duong.

The third case is related to Kim Thanh import export commodity logistic Co., Ltd which imported illegally 619 kg of ivory. The case was detected in November of 2016. As known that company director is Pham Tien Viet.

Finally is the case of smuggling nearly half a ton of ivory which related to Tam Phuc Services Co., Ltd. Company director is Nguyen Van Nhan. The case was discovered and seized in December of 2016.

The above smuggling cases occurred at Cat Lai port in district 2, HCM City with a sophisticated trick in order to hide ivory inside wood blocks which were squeezed. Those cases have been prosecuted by Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch and transferred case dossiers to Police Investigation agency – HCM city Police.

After investigating the case, the Police Investigation Agency - HCM City Police said that the time for investigating the case has expired but the offender has not been identified. Based on Clause 1, Article 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Police Investigation Agency - Ho Chi Minh City Police issued a decision to suspend the investigation of the cases in accordance with the law. When there are grounds, they will restore investigation and handling.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy