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Suitcases can tell "a lie" !

20:43 | 15/05/2017

VCN- Recently it was reported that the suitcase of passengers in exit and entry across the Customs gate in airport must be wrapped by sticking plaster to prevent to be stolen.

suitcases can tell lie
Customs Officer of Noi Bai International Airport uses the scanner for inspecting luggage of passenger in exit and entry. Photo: Huu Linh

The above information is from a passenger who heard from his friends and gave some general examples that a friend of his friend had been stolen two bottles of wine in his suitcase, but he did not know who to complain. From the image of these suitcase wrapped by sticking plaster, the passenger questioned “Why do people distrust the Customs in Vietnam airports? Why do they have to be vigilant over the competent authorities like precaution against thieves?

Although the story is published without any specific evidence of the loss of suitcase relating to Customs, the passenger clearly confirmed that it is implemented by Customs in Vietnam airports.

The Customs at the airports have the function of inspecting, supervising and implementing Customs procedure for import and export goods and luggage of passengers in exit and entry in the management areas of Customs.

The Customs inspection and supervision is carried out by many operational measures combining with modern equipment such as scanners, sniffing dogs and cameras. Most luggage of the passengers in exit and entry are supervised by risk management measures.

For the luggage of the passengers in exit and entry with suspicious signs when being implemented the inspection must be witnessed by passengers or the port authority. Therefore, it can be affirmed that it is unreasonable and unproven to blame the Customs force in airports on cutting the passenger’s suitcases.

if the suitcase can talk as the title of the article, it can be understood as "suitcases can tell lie".

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In the past, there was a passenger who blamed the Customs at the airport on asking money of passenger, but when the competent authorities inspected the security camera, the person contacting with this passenger was another force in the airport without being a Customs officer. Recently, some cases of stealing the luggage of the passengers in the airport were discovered to be staffs of the port authorities.

Through this story, it was showed that if the information is published without verification, it does not only affect reputation and honour of one person but also affects the State management agency with thousands of cadres and civil servants who are devoting to their works.

By Tuan Anh/Ngoc Loan