November 21, 2018 08:29

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Strictly control invoices for avoiding legalization of smuggled sugar

10:34 | 09/06/2018

VCN – Ministry of Finance is implementing many solutions to preventing smuggled sugar, especially the strict control of invoice issuance.

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Smuggled sugar was seized by An Giang Customs Department. Photo: Đăng Nguyên

Recently, electors of An Giang province reflected that smugglers are taking advantage of auctions for smuggled sugar which were seized in order to use the documents and state invoices for legitimizing smuggled sugar.

Therefore, the electors suggested to research for finding solutions of transactions when auctioning smuggled goods in order to stop smuggled sugar.

In response to an An Giang elector's recommendation, according to the Ministry of Finance, to avoid the case that the use of purchasing documents of seized goods from the unit for turnover and to legitimize smuggled goods with a sample of an invoice of confiscated property and putting into State Treasury (Form No. 01/TSSQ-3L.04) attached with Circular No. 225/2009/TT-BTC dated 26/11/2009 of the Ministry of Finance guiding on the management and use of State property sale invoices and the receipts of the sale of assets confiscated or remitted to the State Treasury have already stipulated that it must have the information on the place of transport and the time of transportation.

Regarding invoice issuance for confiscated goods, at Point b, Clause 1, Appendix attached with Document No. 1597 / BTC-QLCS of Ministry of Finance dated 19/2/2004 guiding the purchase and management, using the sale invoices of confiscated goods or putting into the State Treasury, is for specifically guiding the way of writing the destination and time of transportation. Specifically, the location where the buyer will deliver the goods and the delivery time. Depending on the distance and time of transportation, the unit which assigned to handle the confiscated goods determines the transit time so as to be realistic. The place and time of transportation are only applicable to the property importing confiscated goods.

Therefore, for confiscated smuggled sugar, when issuing sale invoices to the purchasers, the unit handling the confiscated sale (including the case of auction or sale) shall include all the information including the place of destination and delivery time in accordance with regulations in order to control, and avoid taking advantage to legitimize smuggled goods.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy