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Strictly contol goods infringing intellectual property rights

19:38 | 09/10/2019

VCN – The Minister of Finance, Dinh Tien Dug, Deputy Director of Permanent Committee of National Steering Committee 389 assigned the General Department of Vietnam Customs to chair the coordination in inspection and control of goods infringing intellectual property rights.

tin nhap 20191009101838
The competent force checked violated goods. Photo: Q.H

According to National Steering Committee 389, the trading, manufacturing and transporting of goods without origin, counterfeit goods, low quality goods and goods that infringe intellectual property rights still occurred and tended to increase in all regions, especially in urban areas.

In particular, infringing goods mainly included petroleum, fertilizer, plant protection products, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, foods, supplementary foods, cosmetics and medicines.

The National Steering Committee 389 assigned the General Department of Vietnam Customs to coordinate with the Permanent Office of the National Steering Committee 389 to issue documents for ministries, branches, localities and competent forces in order to inspect and control goods infringing intellectual property rights.

Accordingly, the Customs, Border Guards, Market Management and Specialized Inspectorate would build specific plans; increase the frequency of inspection and control of the market in order to promptly detect and strictly handle acts of trading smuggled goods, producing and selling fake goods, and violating food safety.

In addition, to strengthen patrol and control in key areas at road border gates, cargo gathering areas near borders, seaport areas, international river ports, international civil airports, post offices, international express delivery and international railways.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy