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Strict control of goods transport on Lang Son railway

12:28 | 29/10/2017

VCN- According to the Steering Committee of 389 Lang Son, in the coming time, the situation of subjects using the rail line from Bang Tuong - Dong Dang to trade frauds remains potentially complicated, mainly fraud on price, measurement and the type of goods, noticeably the phenomenon of fraudulent, fraudulent import documents. Therefore, to control the imports of this railroad, the competent forces in Lang Son  province are strengthening inspection 

strict control of goods transport on lang son railway
Inspectors of Dong Dang international railway station inspect imported goods from Pingxiang. Photos: H. Nu.

According to statistics from Lang Son Customs Department, nowadays, there are 1 to 3 import freight trains carrying steel, bar steel and various kinds of industrial chemicals ... from China to Vietnam. Each train has an average of 10 to 12 cars, the number opens declaration procedures at Dong Dang station about 56%, the number of procedures to transfer to the Yen Vien station is about 44%.

Representatives of Customs Sub-Department of Dong Dang International Railway Station said that over the past time, the situation of preventing and fighting smuggling and trade frauds in the area has been implemented drastically and effectively. Especially, from the beginning of February/2017, the People's Committee of Lang Son Province issued Decision No. 225 / QD-BND on the dissolution of the anti-tax collection team, anti-smuggling and trade fraud at Dong Dang station, coordinating with customs, Border Guard, Police, Tax and other forces supervises and prevents tax losses, smuggling and trade frauds and beyond the station area of Dong Dang. With the dictates of the competent forces, the situation of taking advantage of the railway to illegally transport goods has been prevented.

The railway from China to Dong Dang Station has basically prevented the smuggling and trade frauds. However, the railway from Dong Dang Railway Station has gaps in the management, which poses the need for coordination and combination more closely between inspecting forces.

According to the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, Dong Dang International Airport (Cao Loc District) is adjacent to National Highway 1A and National Road 4A near Huu Nghi International Border Gate, Coc Nam National Border Gate and some Hotspot on smuggling and transportation of Chinese goods smuggled in Dong Dang district, so the management of people and goods in and out of the station, especially the anti-smuggling work encountered many difficulties. Almost competent forces are unregulated because the smuggled objects transport the smuggling good past the cruise ship to Hanoi.

The process used by the users take advantage of the regulations on the exchange of goods of the business of households to purchase the goods of household business then write invoices and the value added invoices to the legalize Chinese smuggling goods, taking advantage of the regulations of the railway industry smuggled goods onto the ship. On the intercity railway from Pingxiang (China) to Dong Dang (Lang Son) and transfer to Yen Vien (Hanoi), smugglers also took advantage of the Railways facilities and inspection procedures. The Customs Department is carrying out commercial fraud, tax evasion.

According to representatives of the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, recently the trade of smuggled goods through the railway in Lang Son province has started again. This cause is that the facilities of Dong Dang Station do not meet the requirements of controlling people and goods in and out of the station when the railway vehicles circulate on the route. Meanwhile, the fighting forces against smuggling at Dong Dang station are still short, they have not closely coordinated with each other in the inspection and control.

With the above situation, the Steering Committee of 389 Lang Son has directed the competent forces to strengthen the inspection and handling of fraudulent commercial activities, attaching importance to the transport of import and export goods through the border Bang Tuong - Yen Vien Railway Station. In particular, the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son requested that Lang Son Customs and Lang Son Border Inspection be strengthened to inspect and control export and import activities in the border area in order to limit illegal transhipment. In particular, Lang Son Customs is required to closely inspect and monitor, regularly gathering information on enterprises, export goods objects on the database system of Customs to timely serve the work of against smuggling and trade frauds.

Representatives of the Customs Department of Lang Son shared: In order to prevent the situation of transport of smuggled goods on the train, Lang Son Customs also has directed Customs Sub-Department of Dong Dang International Railway Station to regularly know the trip of immigration, especially the transferred goods from border gate have to be opened the declaration at Customs Department of Yen Vien railway station. At the same time, the close cooperation with the staff rooms, departments, customs control team, customs department of Yen Vien railway station must be tightened to control imports, transfer from Pingxiang to Hanoi and vice versa.

In addition to tight control of imports, the border gate of the railway, the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son has also asked the competent forces of the province to simultaneously stop the smuggling and trade fraud on the border. At the same time, the implementation of professional measures to prevent and combat smuggling, solutions on mass mobilization, patrol and control people, means and goods cross the border.

Forces such as: customs, border guards, reinforcements and facilities (tents drastically combat smuggling, the key area is the scope of customs operation at the border gates of Huu Nghi , Tan Thanh, Coc Nam, Dong Dang to prevent and combat trade frauds and fake goods, taking advantage of the customs professional process, arranging facilities and the staff who directly involve in coordinating with the working group of the Department of Investigation against smuggling - General Department of Customs carries out conduct patrol, control against smuggling and online monitoring at the subordinate units.

By Dao Le/Bui Diep