April 06, 2020 17:51

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Steering Committee 389 requested to strictly handle speculation of gauze masks

10:35 | 17/02/2020

VCN – Strictly handling violations of speculation, price, quality of goods, produce and sale of counterfeit goods, unclear origin.

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Market Management force of Thai Nguyen checked a drugstore

This was the request of the Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389 to ministries, sectors and provinces on strengthening anti-smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit for the goods items serving the prevention of Covid-19.

Implementing the directives of the Secretariat, Prime Minister about the prevention of Covid-19, ministries, sectors, provinces, authorities, organizations and people have taken initiative to have solutions for prevention drastically and effectively.

However, facing the quick development and complicated epidemic, it resulted in an increase of people’s demand for some medical equipment such as gauze masks, antiseptic fluid, medicines for immunity.

In some provinces, especially in some large cities, border provinces have occurred the situation of speculation, price, quality of goods, produce and sale of counterfeit goods, unclear origin of gauze masks, antiseptic fluid; collecting smuggled medical supplies, illegally transporting across borders to earn profits, competent forces such as Police, Market Management have arrested and handled many cases.

The above violations have directly impacted the objective of stabilizing market prices and people's lives, causing social annoyance as well as affecting the prevention and control of Covid-19.

In order to promptly detect and handle violations of the law, contributing to the prevention of Covid-19 effectively, the Permanent Office of the National Steering Committee 389 requested the Permanent Agency of the Steering Committee 389 of the ministries/sectors and localities to continue to advise the Director of Steering Committee to direct members and competent authorities to proactively grasp the situation, gather forces, vehicles and measures in order to strengthen anti-smuggling and trade frauds and counterfeit goods in general, focusing on medical supplies and equipment, serving the prevention of Covid-19 in particular.

At the same time, strictly handle violations such as speculation, violations of price, quality of goods, manufacturing and trading of counterfeit goods, goods with unclear origin.

In addition, it is recommended that businesses and the people should be wise consumers, comply with business ethics, strictly comply with laws, detect and denounce acts of law violations; strengthen the dissemination of good people. At the same time, notifying the results of handling violations in order to deter and prevent.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy