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Steering Committee 389 directed total force to fight against fraudulent origin of Vietnam

18:16 | 31/07/2019

VCN – Minster of Finance Dinh Tien Dung, Deputy Head of National Steering Committee 389, signed and promulgated a plan on strengthening preventing and combating smuggling, production and trading goods with counterfeit label and Vietnamese origin.

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Many kinds of goods forged Vietnamese goods were seized by Customs forces. Photo: Q.H

By implementing the directives of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on foreign goods labelling "Made in Vietnam" that were imported illegally from the border to inland for consumption and deceiving domestic consumers, National Steering Committee 389 will develop a plan on strengthening prevention and combating smuggling, production and trading of counterfeit goods and fraudulent origin of Vietnam.

The ministries, sectors, localities and competent forces aim to promptly detect, prevent and strictly handle acts of smuggling, production and trading goods was fraudulent Vietnamese goods and labels, deceiving domestic consumers, taking advantage of Vietnamese origin to export to a third country.At the same time, the work is protecting domestic production, prestige, Vietnamese brand, consumer rights and preventing tax loss.

Through inspection and handling violations, units will be proactively discovering disadvantages and loopholes on policy mechanisms to propose competent authorities to amend to boost management efficiency .

In this plan, National Steering Committee 389 requested ministries, sectors, central and local forces assigned to implement the plan to allocate and define the functions, tasks and authorities, avoid overlapping; improve the responsibility of publicity, transparency and legal compliance; say no to negativity, not covering, joining hands and ignoring the acts of producing and trading goods of fraudulent Vietnamese origin for consumption and export.

In implementing the plan, they should avoid causing bad impacts on the market, obstructing or affecting normal production, business activities and the law compliance of organisations and individuals.

Accordingly, for the Ministry of Defence, directing Border Defence forces to strengthen patrolling and strictly controlling the immigration and checkpoints at some key trails to prevent carrying and transporting goods of fraudulent Vietnamese origin.

For the Ministry of Public Security, directing professional units and police at all levels to coordinate with competent forces to strengthen the work of grasping, investigating, detecting and destroying lines and groups producing, storing, trading and transporting goods of fraudulent Vietnamese origin.

For the Ministry of Finance, it must direct the Customs force to strengthen the work of collecting and information exchange, firmly grasp the situation of the localities for checking and controlling the detection of suspicious signs of producing goods fraudulent origin of Vietnam in order to export and import goods.

Besides that, they must look to strictly control the declaration of HS codes for imported goods of enterprises, avoiding the situation of intentionally declaring wrong HS code of import raw material in order to make a basis for determining origin of exported goods at unit in charge of granting C/O.

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance directed tax forces to coordinate and provide information to agencies in the process of verifying, investigating and handling cases.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade directed units to strengthen the review of law compliance of organisations and individuals related to the field of export, import, border trade, trade management, domestic market, competition and consumer protection in order to promptly detect, inspect and strictly handle violations.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy