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State Treasury's online public services taking effect

19:54 | 08/10/2019

VCN- The use of online public services is an important step in the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2020. So far, the whole State Treasury has expanded online public services to all units using the budget.

tin nhap 20191002144328 Great efforts to establish e-State Treasury by 2020
tin nhap 20191002144328 Great strides to form the electronic State Treasury by 2020
tin nhap 20191002144328 Developing a digital treasury based on digital technology
tin nhap 20191002144328
The number of customers who visit the State Treasury in person has decreased significantly since the online public service was implemented. Photo Thuy Linh.

Deploy the whole system

In the first 8 months of the year, the State Treasury drastically implemented public services online at all units using the state budget that have transactions with the State Treasury at all levels. The State Treasury has actively upgraded and perfected the performance of the online public service program. At the same time, units in the State Treasury system have also actively propagated and implemented online public services.

According to the latest statistics of the State Treasury, by the end of August 31, 2019, in the whole State Treasury system, there were 40,273 of 117,984 units registering to use public services, accounting for 34.13% the total number of transaction units (including 426 units under the State Treasury’s management and 39,847 other trading units participating).

In localities, for example, in Bac Giang State Treasury, so far, there have been 883/487 budget-using units involvingonline public services. In Bac Giang State Treasury Office alone, there are 193 of 259 budget-using units involved.

According to the leader of Bac Giang State Treasury, implementing the plan to deploy online public services of the State Treasury and the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, Bac Giang State Treasury continues to propagate and support units using the budget. It also strives that by the first quarter of 2020, 100% of units using budget that have transactions at provincial and district State Treasuries will use online public services.

Or as in Thai Nguyen, by the end of July, Thai Nguyen State Treasury has deployed online public services to 1,310 of 1,373 budget-using units, reaching 95% of the plan. In July alone, there were 28,524 sets of actual documents generated in Thai Nguyen State Treasury, of which 14,929 were generated through the online public service system (accounting for 50% of the documents generated through Thai Nguyen State Treasury). On average, Thai Nguyen State Treasury generates over 600 vouchers per day through online public services, and up to now, 100% of units using state budget in Thai Nguyen province areinvolved in online public services.

Another example at Lao Cai State Treasury, statistics showed that by the middle of September, there were 219 budget-using units participating in online public services of the State Treasury, reaching92.4% of total budget-using unitshaving transactions with the provincial State Treasury and the City State Treasury. In particular, Lao Cai State Treasury has 130 units and Lao Cai City State Treasury has 89 units. The total number of successful transaction documents on online public services was 9,471, accounting for 60% of the total number of transaction records and there wereno transactionrecords expired.

So far, all State Treasury of provinces and cities nationwide have provided online public services to budget-using units. According to the assessment from the State Treasury, the online public service system has been operating smoothly and stably, ensuring the legality, safety and detailed regulations for each service.

A smooth process

Online public services are an important step in the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2020. This activity is a premise for modernizing the spending control of the State Treasury system, ensuringdocuments and vouchers of state budget expenditures of the budget-using units are sent to online public services,then the documents and vouchers are classified and processed at different levels on the TABMIS systemto ensure transparency.

Through online public service, leaders of the State Treasury at all levels manage their staff by controlling the status of processing expenditure control records at every step and every stage of the process. Thereby, increasing the responsibility of expenditure control officers in the performance of tasks; making the operation of the State Treasury system more transparent, clearer and better serving the units and people.

For units using state budget funds, investors and project management units will enjoy many benefits, such asnot needing to bring payment documents directly to the State Treasury, saving time (due to records, vouchers and requests for payment of state budget expenditures, including investment and recurrent expenditures, have been imported and transmitted online to the State Treasury).

At the same time, the online public service system provides information about the time, process of receiving records and controlling payment through status such as: "State Treasury rejects or receives dossiers"; "The State Treasury is processing the dossier"; "The State Treasury has paid or refused to pay", the reason for refusing to pay; "Dossier of budget use for processing expired". This has contributed to increased transparency in the control of payment records of the State Treasury, helping units using state budget fundsknow the status and results of their records.

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According to the comments of the budget-using units, procedures such as: registering for opening and using accounts at the State Treasury; procedures for handing over, receiving and returning results for expenditure control records and declaration of payment requirements are easy for participating units. The units using state budget have transferred the documents to the State Treasury, the State Treasury has completed the documents on online public services, successfully connected to the TABMIS and paid the debt to the unit according to regulations.

By Thuy Linh/KieuOanh