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State Treasury has mobilized more than 122,000 billion VND of government bonds

15:15 | 10/10/2018

VCN - In the latest government bond auction organized by the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) on 3/10, the State Treasury mobilized to gain 1,150 billion VND.

state treasury has mobilized more than 122000 billion vnd of government bonds
Source: Internet

According to information from the HNX, in this session, the total bidding volume was 5,000 billion VND for the following terms: five-year (2,000 billion VND), seven-year (500 billion VND), 15 years (2,000 billion dong) and 30 years (500 billion VND).

As a result, they mobilized a total amount of 1,150 billion VND.

Specifically, the five-year bond had 19 participants, mobilized to gain 150 billion VND with the winning interest rate of 4.02% per year, increased by 0.52% per year compared with the winning interest rate in the previous session. (15/8/2018).

The 15-year bonds had 5 participants, mobilized to gain 500 billion VND at the winning interest rate of 5.12% per year, increased by 0.05% per year compared to the previous winning interest rate (26/9/2018). 15-year of sub-contracting was called for 600 billion VND, only one member participated in the bid and mobilized 500 billion VND at the interest rate of 5.12% per year.

Seven-year bonds and 30-year bonds have no winning interest rate.

Hence, since the beginning of 2018, State Treasury has mobilized 122,911 billion VND through bidding on the HNX.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy