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Speed up disbursement of public investment capital through the State Treasury

08:13 | 31/05/2020

VCN- In the "post" period of Covid-19, the whole State Treasury system (SBV) is actively taking measures to accelerate the disbursement of public investment.

Speed up disbursement of public investment capital through the State Treasury
The State Treasury will continue to promote administrative reform in the field of expenditure control but still ensure strict and safe capital. Photo Thuy Linh.

Covid-19 impacted the disbursement process

According to the latest State Treasury report, accumulated disbursed investment capital as of the beginning of May 2020 under the 2020 plan is VND81.6 trillion, accounting for 18.2% of the plan the Prime Minister assigned to control spending through State Treasury and 17.3% of the plan assigned by the National Assembly and the Prime Minister. This figure according to the State Treasury is higher than the same period in 2019 (reaching 16.3% of the plan).

According to the State Treasury, the disbursement rate of some indicators in intra-industry finance is still not high because in the first months of the year, the units mainly implemented the procedures to organize the contractor selection steps.

Specifically, the disbursement situation in units, according to Hai Duong State Treasury, as of the beginning of May, this unit has disbursed over VND662 billion, reaching nearly 16% of the assigned plan. This is a relatively low rate compared to recent years. According to Mr. Vu Duc Trong, Director of Hai Duong State Treasury, the reason for the low disbursement rate is still the lengthy process of project appraisal. The standard is 20 days, but there are many projects, so the appraisal time is up to six months. In addition, the limited capacity of the consulting contractors is also the reason for the low disbursement.

Notably, the leader of the State Treasury of Hai Duong said that the main reason for the low disbursement rate in the first four months was the Covid-19 pandemic. When the whole society implemented distancingaccording to the Government's regulations, many works and projects could not mobilize vehicles and manpower, so the construction progress also slowed down. Therefore, there is no volume to pay capital with the Treasury.

In NinhBinh State Treasury, up to the beginning of May, NinhBinh State Treasury has paid VND2,025 billion out of VND5,482 billion of planned capital, reaching 37%. Although the disbursement rate is quite high compared to the national level, the fact that the whole country implemented social distancinghas also affected this work.

According to the leader of the State Treasury of NinhBinh, due to social distancing, the unit has arranged the number of civil servants to work alternately at the office and work at home, so it has affected the progress of the voucher processing. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, documents sent by investors were received and made payment procedures on the same day, but during the interval, the processing time is from one to two days.

Seizing and removing difficulties for project investors

Up to now, when the Covid-19 pandemicwas basically controlled nationwide, all activities in society (including construction activities) have gradually returned to normal. According to the State Treasury, disbursement continues to be implemented by the whole system to reach the set schedule by the end of 2020.

The State Treasury will continue to accelerate administrative reforms in the field of expenditure control, but still ensure strict and safe capital,at the same time, promoting the mode of "payment first, control later" for multi-payment contracts in accordance with the provisions of the Government's Decree No. 11/2020 / ND-CP stipulating the administrative procedures.

The State Treasury requires the local State Treasury to continue strictly implementing the regulations on publicizing the process, records and payment control time; guide and create conditions for investors to come to the treasury transactions; prohibiting harassment, delays and causing difficulties to investors in the process of disbursing capital.

In addition, the local State Treasury must strictly comply with the provisions of the Law on Public Investment 2019. With new construction projects, they must follow the schedule to urge investors and project management boards to complete project records to the Treasury as soon as the amount to pay, not to let them accrue at the end of the year.

According to the State Treasury of NinhBinh, from now until the end of the year, the unit will coordinate with investors, project management boards, thereby grasping and removing problems arising in the implementation process and specific disbursement of each project according to its competence. At the same time, the unit will synthesize problems beyond its authority and propose solutions to report to the competent authorities for consideration and settlement.

In addition, the NinhBinh State Treasury will direct public employees to strictly control expenditures to perform the assigned tasks and tasks, not to make them overdue, omitting the assigned tasks; not to create backlogs of any payment records at the State Treasury for unknown reasons; no extruding responsibilities and no dodging jobs.

In Hai Duong, leaders of the State Treasury of Hai Duong said that they would actively urge investors to comply with the provisions on the recovery of advance capital; coordinate with investors in inspecting the advanced capital to recover unused or improperly used backlogs; be responsible for checking and ensuring the recovery of all advance capital when payment for the completed volume reaches 80%.

By Thyy Linh/Bui Diep