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Soon deploying Customs Assessment Branch in Mong Cai

09:49 | 09/11/2016

VCN - In order to perform the function of specialized inspection, examination of export and import goods, shorten the clearance time of goods, the Customs Assessment Department should soon deploy the Customs Assessment Branch at the Mong Cai border gate to facilitate export activities of enterprises.

soon deploying customs assessment branch in mong cai Customs Assessment Department needs to implement right functions and duties
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soon deploying customs assessment branch in mong cai

A Customs Assessment Branch at the Mong Cai border needs to be established soon. Photo: H.Nu

That issue rose at a meeting between the Customs Assessment Department andQuang Ninh Customs Department to coordinate implementation of the assessment work in Mong Cai city for shipmentssubject to inspection, assessment, analysis and classification.

According to Nguyen Van Huong, Deputy Director ofQuang Ninh Customs Department, the amount of export and import goods through the territory (Mong Cai, Hoanh Mo, Bac Phong Sinh) are diversie in types,in which, many of them at the time of Customs procedures are not sufficient for determining the names and HS codes, and aresubject of specialized inspection, examination to determine the composition and nature of products such as textiles, natural granite, ferro-alloys, steel, nutritious drinks...,goods subject to quality control such as mining equipment, trucks, semi-trailers ...

Although in the last period of time, the unit has been in close collaboration with the Customs Assessment Department to monitor the shipments that have been requested for inspection to determine the names, composition, HS code... However, there are no eligible unitsin the area that have capacity to be assigned by ministries for specialized inspectionimplementation for export and import goods, therefore enterprises need toregister forspecialized inspection in Hanoi Haiphong, which prolonges clearance times and increases costs of enterprises, and management does not ensuretightness, there are cases where companies had sold goods before having test results and clearance decision of Customs authorities, representatives of theQuang Ninh Customs Department emphasized.

Therefore, Mr. Nguyen Van Huong said that the Customs Assessment Department should urgently deploy a Customs Assessment Branchin Mong Cai city to assess shipments that are subject to specialized inspection, expertise, analysis and classificationat the border, reduce the clearance time of goods, facilitate, reduce costs and time for businesses.

Sharing this point of view on this issue, Mr. Bui Tuan Hai, Deputy Director of Customs Assessment Department said, to implement the functions and duties under Decision 65/2015/QD-TTg and Decision1388/QD-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, the Customs Assessment Department has beencoordinating closely with local Customs authorities, directlyinspect the nature of goods and identify export and import goods codes to facilitate enterprises in reducing transportation costs and Customs clearance time. Customs Assessment Department will ensure to overcomelimitations of analysis, classification of goods in recent time.

In particular, in the last period of time, the unit has enhanced the leadership, analysis; strengthened the organizational structure of the department and its branches. Specifically, to deploy towards greater centralized management, decentralization and expansion performance to the big branches, or border gates with requirements related to assessment, analysis of import and export goods, the unit has surveyed locations in Hanoi, Lang Son in order to establish Customs Assessment Branches in accordance with functions and tasks.

soon deploying customs assessment branch in mong cai 2 tons of firecrackers were seized on Van Gia island - Quang Ninh

At the same time, the Customs Assessment Department is taking steps to invest, upgrade infrastructure, analysis equipment, build laboratories with VILAS standards to ensure being on time as well as improve the capacity and effectiveness ofspecialized inspectionfor export and import goods.

Expected in early 2017, the General Department of Customs will publish 3 Assessment Departments established under the Customs Assessment Department, they are Customs Assessment Branch 1 (Hanoi), Customs Assessment Branch 6 (Lang Son) and Customs Assessment Branch 5 (Quang Ninh).

By Dao Le / Luong Ngoc