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Some units in the financial sector still have the mentality of "depending" on State budget

07:56 | 03/11/2016

VCN - These units which were mentioned are self-responsible for their own income and expenditure. Mr. Pham Van Truong - Director of Public expenditure Department under Ministry of Finance, expressed the above opinionat a specific press conference in the afternoon of 26 October 2016.

some units in the financial sector still have the mentality of depending on state budget
The view of press conference

At the event, Mr.Pham Van Truong said: in order to promote the rise ofthese units, enhancing a higher autonomy level;boosting the public service sector to develop in a faster, reliable and sustainable pace; improving the quantity and quality of public services, to better meet the requirements of economic - society development... The Ministry of Finance has developed and submitted to the Government for signing to promulgate Decree No. 16 / 2015 / ND-CP on the autonomy mechanism of these mentioned units.

Answering reporters about the impacts of these units renewal for the State budget, Mr. Truong said: the biggest goal of implementing these units' autonomy is restructuring the State budget.

When these units increase their own autonomy and self-assurance operating funds, the direct support from the State budget would be restructured, moving to cover thes services beneficiaries of those units. Therefore, total expenditures for the sectors will not decrease.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance gave an example in the medical field, the amount of funding which wasused for the medical units will be moved to support for buying health insurance of the poor, families which are under preferential policy, people in remote regions... This will bring multi-dimensional impact, accelerating the process of subject expanding, increasing the coverage of health insurance, also saving resources for implementing wage reform; increasing expenditure for preventive health programs, the major target of State investment, such as vaccination, mental hospitals, leprosariums,...

Indicating the progress of the implementation of Decree No. 16, Mr. Pham Van Truong said: This Decree was published in early 2015 but has been implemented more slowly than the roadmap, particularly in the promulgation of specific Decrees.

According to the roadmap, 7 specialized Decrees have to be issued by the 4th quarter of 2015, but so far only 2 Decrees were issued by the Government including Decree No. 54/2016/ND-CP regulating on autonomy mechanism of public science and technology organizations; and Decree No. 141/2016/ND-CP regulating on autonomy mechanism of the unitswhich are self-responsible for their own income and expenditure in the economic field.

Three draft Decrees which were submitted to the Government included the first one on autonomy mechanism of public units in medical sectors;The second on fields of culture, sport and tourism; and the last one on autonomy mechanism of public service units in the vocational education areas.

One decree has beenconsulted from the Ministry of Justiceforsubmitting to the Government; one Decree isbeing consulted from other ministries for the 2nd time.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Finance, since the implementation of these units' innovation, the service quality increased dramatically, the average income of laborers increased by about 0.5 to 1.5 times higher than before. The introduction of Decree No. 16 would be a new progress, basically changing the State budget management and self-investment methods in the public service sector.

"However, these new mechanisms and policiesmight be naturally difficult and face many obstacles. In the process of building the Decree, the ministries are also very prudent. The majority of mentioned units are also ready to deploy as soon as the conditions are met. However, realistically, some units are still not ready and have the mentality of "depending" on State budget, but these are minor. We have been actively disseminating information to change the perception as well as the level of readiness for the mechanisms of ministries and local authoritiesand also the mentioned units "- Mr. Truong said.

Hong Van / Tuan Cuong