July 06, 2020 19:55

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Smuggling remains complicated on Ha Tien border

14:21 | 26/06/2020

VCN – In just a month, Ha Tien border, Kien Giang province, recorded two smuggling cases in which smugglers attacked the anti-smuggling officers.

smuggling remains complicated on ha tien border Inspect five containers of herbs originating from China “camouflaged” carrot and white radish
smuggling remains complicated on ha tien border Tricks smuggling via road, sea and air
smuggling remains complicated on ha tien border Smuggling cases of essential goods seized
smuggling remains complicated on ha tien border
Ha Tien border guard and border gate customs (Kien Giang) control the border at the anti-pandemic and anti-smuggling station.

Reckless and spontaneous acts

Most recently, on June 2, at the landmark 308/2, Dong Ho Ward, Ha Tien City, Kien Giang Province, about 50m from the border to Vietnam, the Covid-19 pandemic control team under the Sa Ky Border Guard Control Station (Ha Tien International Border Guard Station) discovered some people carrying illegal cigarettes from the border inland, so the team asked for help to prevent and handle the case.

Understanding the situation, the working team arranged nearly 20 officers in the Border Guard and themobile Police force. After arrangement, the team approached the people and arrested one person with a carton of contraband cigarettes. Immediately, the remaining people and more than 50 other people from Cambodia threw bricks and stones at the team, some even used swords to attack officers. Such a situation forced the team to fire into the air, but the people did not stop and continued to attack them. This group of people only stopped when dogs appeared. The team arrested one person and seized six boxes of foreign cigarettes. In this clash, two border guard soldiers were injured in the face and treated at hospital.

Earlier on the morning of April 28, the Covid-19 control team (including six border guard soldiers and one police officer) at the coastal area near the sovereign landmark 314, Xa Xia quarter, My Duc ward, Ha Tien city detected a group of about 200 people carrying 250 cartons of cigarettes (50 boxes per carton) from Cambodia inland. The team asked the Ha Tien border guard station to send officers to help the team. Immediately, 40 soldiers including border guard force and police were sent to the site.

Facing the competent forces, about 100 people used weapons such as sticks, stones and sharp knives to fight back and recover the goods. The incident caused Captain Pham Anh Tuan, captain of the Police Team injuries to his head, face and broke his right hand; and four border guard soldiers were injured. The seized goods included 5,000 packs of Hero cigarettes and 13 sticks. Currently, Ha Tien City Investigation Police Agency has prosecuted the case and detained nine people.

Strict handling

Regarding this case, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong HoaBinh, Head of the 389 National Steering Committee, gave instructions and requests for the 389 Steering Committee of KienGiangprovince to implement the instructions of the Standing Office of the 389 National Steering Committee on investigation, clarification of organization and lines that lead people who attack the officers and strictly handle the case.

Colonel Ho Van Hoang, Head of Ha Tien City's Police Department, KienGiang Province, said: “Currently, Ha Tien City Police is working with the Investigation Agency and the Procuracy of the Border Guard to further clarify the acts of arrested people to strictly handle acts of assaulting anti-smuggling forces in Ha Tien City."

Mr. Hoang also said that the reason for opposing officers in the Ha Tien border area is that the border residents consider the transportation of smuggled goods across the border as a job and they are provoked by smuggling leaders.

smuggling remains complicated on ha tien border Smugglers attack border post to steal exhibits

VCN – Ha Tien International Border Post (Kien Giang province) said that the unit is pursuing smugglers ...

Currently, due to Covid-19 pandemic control, border control points have still worked, so it is hard for smugglers to cross the border. Thereby, prices of goods, especially the price of cigarettes, between Vietnam and Cambodia is more different, making smugglers try their best to carry smuggled cigarette inland, even attacking the anti-smuggling force to get the goods back if they are seized. The recent attacks must be investigated and handled seriously to contribute to deterring and preventing acts of violence and disregard of the laws by the smugglers.


By Dang Nguyen/ Huyen Trang